• Prospector finds huge gold nugget, even though it's 2016 and not 1851

    "Striking gold" is mainly a term to express when someone gets really lucky nowadays, but by golly, someone has actually done it. A 145-ounce gold nugget has been reportedly found in Victoria, Australia by a real life prospector and could be worth more than A$250,000 ($190,710) when it goes to auction. The big 'ol nugget has been named "Friday's Joy" on account of the day it was found.  SEE ALSO: 'World's largest truffle' is worth thousands but looks like a lot of poop My preciouses. Image: minelab The anonymous prospector initially found a nine ounce tennis ball-shaped gold nugget two feet deep, returning the next day to see if there was more, according to a statement from metal detector manufacturer, Minelab. And alas, gold was struck. Eureka! “About 12 inches below the ground, I could just barely make out the top of something. As I began to scrape away the clay and dig deeper, I really couldn't believe my eyes — this wasn't an old piece of steel in front of me," the prospector said in the statement. "I had just unearthed a colossal gold nugget — a once in a lifetime find! I was in total disbelief as I didn't think nuggets of this size were still around." Image: minelab The gold nugget is apparently now safely stowed away in a bank vault, but the prospector did hide it in their oven the first night after it was discovered.  "It's like catching a big fish and not knowing what to do with it! Where do we put it? I washed it in water, covered it in aluminium foil and kept it in my oven on the first night," they said, now planning to purchase a van and travel Australia with their newfound wealth. 

  • Maryland Mom Arrested for Leaving Her 8- and 9-Year-Olds Alone to Go Get Food

    At what age can kids be left home alone, if at all? One mom thought her kids would be fine, but probably now regrets her choice. While on vacation in Rehoboth Beach, DE, Susan Terrillion, 55, of Maryland left her 8- and 9-year-old kids in their getaway rental when she went to pick up food five miles away. The action resulted in her arrest, USA Today reports. She was charged with two counts of endangering the welfare of her children. https://www.facebook.com/rehobothbeachpolice/photo... data width="800"" data-width="350" A stranger discovered her children were home alone when the family dogs ran in front of his car and he got out to help the kids secure the pets. The witness called the police

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  • Botched By Nature Drs. Help Man Who ''Gave Up'' on His Nose

    7. Lee Is "Comfortable" & "Happy" After Nose Surgery: Before his surgery, Lee admits he pretty much "gave up" and didn't think his nose could be "fixed." He also explains he was self-conscious and was worried that his son Ian's friends would tease him because of his dad's appearance. So after his surgery is complete and his nose is healed, Lee meets up with Ian and his sister Lauren to show off the results. When Ian and Lauren see Lee's nose they say it's "amazing." Lee explains that he can breathe better now, which means he and Ian can play any sport he wants to! He then reveals before his surgery, "Not only was I self-conscious and insecure about my appearance, but I was also worried that my

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  • Dear Abby: I'll never be OK with dad dating his ex

    DEAR ABBY: I have a complicated family situation. My dad was married to a woman named “Cynthia” for 16 years until they divorced. He met and married my mother the next year. My parents were married for 40 years, until Mom died of cancer a year ago. Since her death, I have gone with my dad to a few holiday events hosted at his other daughters’ houses, where we saw them and Cynthia. Everyone was cordial and welcoming. A few days ago, Dad told me that he and Cynthia are dating, and he asked me to wish them luck. My immediate reaction was “Why?!” I left immediately, and have ignored his phone calls ever since. I cannot express how upset this made me. I realize he’s a lonely old man who would like

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  • The one thing Margaery (aka, Natalie Dormer) is NOT going to miss on “Game of Thrones”

    Warning: Game of Thrones spoilers ahead. It’s hard to imagine any of the actors on Game of Thrones being anything but sad when…

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  • Nick Diaz Reportedly Jumped by 4 Men, Involved in Las Vegas Nightclub Incident

    UFC star Nick Diaz was reportedly attacked by four assailants outside a Las Vegas nightclub in the early hours of Wednesday morning. TMZ reported that a representative from the venue, Hyde, said Diaz used the bathroom at 2:30 a...

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  • Heartbreaking New Details About the Death of the 2-Year-Old Disney Alligator Victim

    A report released Monday by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission reveals heartbreaking new details in the devastating death of Lane Graves, the 2-year-old boy who was fatally attacked by an alligator at Disney’s Grand Floridian in Orlando, Florida, earlier this year. According to the report, Lane Graves was building sand castles by the water when he waded into the shallow end to refill his bucket. Matt Graves, the boy’s father, attempted to try and pry open the alligator’s jaws by putting his hands inside of its mouth and grabbing its teeth, but this only caused the animal to fight back harder before pulling loose and dragging the 2-year-old into deeper water.

  • In A Long-Running Debate Over Frequency vs. Size Airbus Chooses Wrong Once Again

    If you like being packed into a small, confined space with 175-200 other people and treated with indifference (at best) or even outright and obvious disdain, then you’re really gonna love what Airbus has for you next. Soon you’ll be able (in theory) to squeeze yourself into a similarly small, confined space with twice as many people (350 to 400) and stay there twice as long while being treated with even greater indifference and/or even more obvious disdain. In some quarters of the world of airlines and airline manufactures this can be confused with progress. This week Airbus delivered the first A330-300-Regional – to Saudi Arabian Airlines, better known in these parts as Saudia. Saudia and Airbus

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  • Man gets 40 years for pouring scalding water on gay couple

    ATLANTA (AP) — A judge sentenced a Georgia man to 40 years in prison Wednesday for throwing scalding water on a gay couple sleeping in an apartment, leaving them with severe burns that required surgery.

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  • Candyman III: Day of the Dead

    The Candyman returns intent on making his descendent join him forever. After he frames her for the murders of her friends, she has nowhere else to turn.

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  • Aly Raisman on How the Final Five Reacted to Gabby Douglas Getting Bullied

    During the Olympic games, Final Five member Gabby Douglas watched herself be torn apart by internet trolls who dubbed her “Crabby Gabby” for not appearing supportive enough of her teammates during the all-around team competition (Douglas reportedly wasn’t as smiley as her other teammates in the stands) or patriotic enough during the medal ceremony (Douglas did not have her hand on her heart). Now, with the games behind them, Final Five team captain Aly Raisman opened up to E! News about what she, Simone Biles, Laurie Hernandez, and Madison Kocian were doing behind the scenes to help their teammate.

  • Behind the private jet journey of Hillary Clinton aide Huma Abedin

    An email released Tuesday by Citizens United raised questions about a trip taken by Huma Abedin when she was at the State Department.

  • Jenelle Evans Confirms She's Pregnant with Her Third Child – a Baby Girl!

    Jenelle Evans has confirmed that she is pregnant with her third child. The 'Teen Mom' star, 24, announced the news that she and boyfriend David Eason are expecting a daughter on Wednesday.

  • ‘Healthy’ sweeteners, protein-powerhouse quinoa and other nutrition myths, debunked

    Is agave really better than white sugar? Will cleansing help my body detoxify? We all hunger for nutrition advice, but not all the advice you hear is worth believing. Here are the truths behind five common nutrition myths: Remember last year’s scary headline? “World Health Organization Says Processed Meat Causes Cancer.” Turns out, the science was not as dire as the headline made it sound. The WHO report said that eating 50 grams of processed meat every day (about one hot dog) increased the relative risk of colorectal cancer by 18 percent. That’s not the same as “causing cancer.” To put it into perspective: The average person has a 5 percent risk of developing colon cancer; those who eat a lot

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  • Obama visits flood-damaged Baton Rouge (18 photos)

    After touring recovery efforts in a flooded Baton Rouge neighborhood Tuesday, Aug. 23, President Obama pledged to help rebuild Louisiana, insisting his visit there “is not a photo-op.” “I come here first and foremost to say that the prayers of the entire nation are with everybody who lost loved ones. We are heartbroken by the loss of life,” he said during remarks after his tour of the flooding. “There are also still people who are desperately trying to track down friends and family. We are going to keep on helping them every way that we can.” Obama observed that “people’s lives have been upended by this flood.” “Sometimes when these kinds of things happen, it can seem too much to bear, but what I want the people of Louisiana to know is that you’re not alone on this,” he said. “Even after the TV cameras leave, the whole country is going to continue to support you and help you until we get folks back in their homes and lives are rebuilt.” The president praised the Federal Emergency Management Agency for its efforts coordinating a federal response, which he said has already reached $127 million in assistance. (ABC News) See more news-related photo galleries and follow us on Yahoo News Photo Tumblr .

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  • Scary Skinny! Gigi Hadid Shows Frighteningly Frail Frame — Is She OK?

    Gigi, is that you? Alarming new pics show that Hadid continues to waste away.  

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  • Small Colorado Community In Shock Over Arrest of Sheriff

    Sedgwick County Sheriff Tom Hanna was arrested Tuesday and taken into the Logan County Detention Center.

  • Graham Nash of Crosby, Stills & Nash sells his longtime Manhattan Beach home

    Folk rocker Graham Nash of The Hollies and Crosby, Still & Nash fame has sold his longtime home in Manhattan Beach for $1.6 million. That’s more than three times what he paid for the property two decades ago: $500,000. Tucked behind gates in the desirable Tree Section neighborhood, the remodeled two-story has a cabin-like quality with hardwood floors, gold-painted beamed ceilings and large double-hung windows throughout. A small office/nook features a door salvaged from a Red Car rail trolley. Other living spaces include an updated kitchen with butcher-block islands and an office/nook. Two bedrooms and 2.5 bathrooms lie within 1,320 square feet of space. A deck with a Balinese-style daybed sits

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  • Teen allegedly killed friend, burned body

    Alvarado is serving a 34-year sentence for murder in a Texas prison, where he revealed shocking details alleging how his ex-girlfriend Jennifer Puente killed Moriah while he sat just a few feet away and how he said he helped Puente burn Moriah's body. Now Puente is on the run from police, missing since 2012. Growing up south of Dallas in Waxahachie, Texas, Moriah was a fun-loving, headstrong teen with an adult attitude. "She would pick a fight with anybody that started anything with anybody that she loved," remembered Kendall Dodson, her best friend. The youngest of four sisters in a tight-knit family, Moriah was blessed with a doting mother and was the apple of her father's eye. Robert Gonzales

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  • Kate Middleton Stuns in a Floral Sundress While Attending Charity Event With Prince William

    The royal couple looked sharp during their visit to Luton, England.

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  • Pat Summitt's will leaves 'personal property' to Tyler Summitt

    Pat Summitt’s last will and testament didn’t spread the property of the Tennessee women’s basketball coaching legend. Summitt gave all of her "tangible personal property" to her only son, Tyler. A copy of the will was obtained by the News Sentinel, and it specified that Summitt’s property included "automobiles, clothing, jewelry and other articles of personal use or ornament." Summitt’s home off Alcoa Highway in Blount County was put up for sale earlier this summer. She lived at Sherrill Hill Senior Living in Knoxville from late January until her death on June 28 after a five-year battle with early onset Alzheimer’s disease. The will is dated July 18, 2013. Summitt’s brother, Tommy Head, was

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  • Lucille Ball's Very First Los Angeles Home Is for Sale

    Back in 1933, a 22-year-old Lucille Ball had just landed her first movie role in Roman Scandals and signed a contract with RKO. What's a soon-to-be movie star to do? Buy a house, of course. Which is why she snatched up this bungalow on the border of West Hollywood so she could be close to all the action. The 1,874-square-foot home has two bedrooms and two bathrooms. While it looks like most of the home has been renovated since it was originally built in 1919, it still possesses a craftsman charm thanks to the crown molding and large windows. Meanwhile, the 6,700-square-feet lot with a cozy back porch and avocado and lemon trees are the definition of California relaxation. Though, rumor has it,

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