• Brad Pitt Releases a Second Statement on His Divorce

    In the full week since Brad Pitt released a statement to People regarding Angelina Jolie’s decision to file for divorce , there has been radio silence, even amidst reports he is being investigated for child abuse by the FBI and Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services for being verbally and physically abusive with one of his children on a flight from France to California. Pitt broke his silence this afternoon toAccess Hollywood, although his second statement did not address any of these allegations. Instead, Pitt announced he will not be attending tomorrow’s red carpet screening of Voyage of Time, a documentary he narrated (and where he’d likely have to take questions from reporters).

  • Teacher Invited 2 Students to Her Home for Sex: Cops

    Laura Rich, 38, was arrested Friday and charged with sexual assault by a teacher in Georgia.

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  • LAPD looking for man seen in video punching out woman in Venice Beach market

    Police are looking for a man who knocked out a woman during an argument captured on video at a Venice Beach market over the weekend, officials said. In the video, recorded by cameras at Windward Farms, a woman in a black shirt is seen in a terse exchange with a burly man in a tank top about 7:30 p.m. Sunday. The pair didn’t know each other personally but recognized each other from a disagreement earlier in the day, LAPD Sgt. John Marquez said. The argument sparked up again at the store, where one customer had to step between the two, the video showed. Eventually, the woman exited the store, but video shows she waited for the man to leave. “She confronted him on his way out. He just turned around

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  • Shark explodes on fish hooked by fisherman, thanks to deckhand’s gaffe; video

    A fisherman battling a decent-sized game fish, presumably a tuna, got the fish to the boat where it was well within range for the deckhand to gaff. In fact, the deckhand did gaff the fish momentarily, but it fell off an instant later. It was not a good showing by the deckhand. But as it turned out, his gaffe was bad news, good news. Bad because the angler lost the fish and was forced to continue battling, but good because of the memorable moment created seconds later when a huge shark exploded on the fish, much to the delight of the fishermen. The fish was lost to the shark, but the fishermen didn’t care. Their reactions clearly indicated they were in awe of the scene that unfolded in front of

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  • Janet Jackson Finally Spotted Out With Baby Bump On Display

    The last time most of us saw Janet Jackson, she was lying in bed, camera in her face, informing us all that she and husband Wissam Al Mana “were planning our family.” The pregnancy news came out from there, with Jackson postponing the second leg of her tour and going MIA to prepare for her first child at 50. Earlier this month, there were rumors that Jackson had been put on bed rest. A source told Us Weekly that aside from taking her mother to lunch, Jackson was “where all of her doctors are.” But based on the new images that have come out of Jackson in London, she’s on the move and seems to be doing great. The singer was spotted coming out of the baby boutique Back in Action after doing some

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  • Rudy Giuliani Slams Hillary Clinton Over Bill's Infidelity

    Former Mayor of New York criticizes Hillary Clinton for her husband's affair with Monica Lewinsky

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  • Bystander expects to record police brutality, ends up helping officer

    A struggle ensued and a crowd started gathering. "The detective has a martial arts background and he later said he thought the suspect must have a martial arts background too because he was able to break away so easily," Plano Police Department Public Information Officer David Tilley told CNN. "The suspect was also slick with sweat and John just wasn't able to restrain him." The response In the crowd were Harvey and fellow day laborer Kirby Sample. Harvey said his first thought was to video it all. "That was my impulse, I have to say it but that was my impulse was that this cop's gonna do something stupid," he told CNN affiliate KTVT. "When he asked for help, I'm thinking to myself, 'Well there's

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  • Storm Takes the Lives of Three Fisherman on ‘Deadliest Catch: Dungeon Cove’

    Tragedy struck on Tuesday’s episode, which recounted when a major storm hit the Oregon coast back in January, claiming the lives of three fisherman.

  • Elizabeth Gilbert Opens Up About Leaving Her Husband for Her Best Friend

    Elizabeth Gilbert wants fans to know that she's not having a midlife crisis, despite ending her second marriage after falling in love with her longtime best friend. "Now I've just left another marriage, it's starting to look irresponsible and people are saying I'm having a midlife crisis, and 'What is she doing?'" Gilbert said in a Facebook Live chat Tuesday. Earlier this month, the "Eat, Pray, Love" author, 47, announced that she was ending her nine-year marriage to Jose Nunes after realizing her "true feelings" for author, musician and hairstylist Rayya Elias, her friend for 15 years.

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  • A Voter Registration Day Message From The Late Show

    Not sure whether to vote this year? Let Stephen Colbert, John Cena, Anna Gunn, George Takei, Tituss Burgess, Trevor Noah, America Ferrera, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Alan Cumming, Simon Helberg, Bradley Whitford, Tim Meadows, and Chris Gethard convince you.

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  • Dog Throws Temper Tantrum When She Discovers Pet Store Is Closed – Too Cute! (VIDEO)

    Meet Samo – the Labrador Beagle mix that threw a temper tantrum when she found out her favorite pet store in Brooklyn was closed! Oh bless her heart. She didn’t want to budge! Oh my goodness, my dog does this to me all time… except for her favorite coffee shop around the block. She would just stare into the closed store waiting for something to happen. Press play to watch the video below. Dogs can be like toddlers sometimes or even babies – this is probably why a lot of people love them. If they’re not stubborn like this though, they are loyal and amazing companions! Got Something to Add?

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  • Home Depot pulls controversial ‘Scary Peeper’ Halloween decoration after complaint

    After finding itself in hot water, Home Depot Canada is yanking a peeping Tom Halloween decoration.

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  • Skittish GOP Doesn’t Want to Talk Donald Trump

    Skeptical Republicans were coming around. Donald Trump was gaining momentum and the polls were tightening. Then he had a train wreck of a debate. He got put on his heels by Hillary Clinton early, gave a confusing answer on his years-long “birther” crusade, had trouble detailing any salient policies, and even doubled down on calling Rosie O’Donnell a “fat pig.” His performance comes after a considerable thaw in the GOP toward the golden-haired candidate. Many anti-Trump forces who had sworn an oath to oppose him as the Republican nominee because he was either a) dangerous b) valueless or c) both—had simply given up opposing him. #NeverTrump was quickly becoming #WhyFightIt. Surveys—both national

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  • Let's fill a toilet with 240 pounds of mercury and then flush it

    A YouTube channel dedicated to unusual science experiments takes a bathroom break with a special toilet system and a whole lot of liquid mercury.

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  • Homeless Heard! ‘Broke’ Amber Has ‘Nowhere To Live’ After Johnny Depp Divorce

    Amber Heard has been busy at work distracting herself from her divorce from Johnny Depp, but when she returns home from filming Justice League, she may not even have a home to return to! Sources told OK! Magazine that the actress, 30, doesn’t have anywhere to live since she was kicked out of Johnny’s home. Heard and Depp, 53, settled their divorce in mid-August, with Johnny paying Amber a $7 million settlement, which she donated to charity. However, he got to keep the pair’s LA condo where the alleged domestic violence occurred while Amber had to move out. “Right now, she’s pretty broke,” a source said. “And Johnny moved his friends into the condo they used to share.” According to the insider,

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  • A toddler was abused since birth, and officials ignored it, a lawsuit claims. Now she is dead.

    When 2-year-old Glenara Bates died, she was 13 pounds — a weight more typical for a 3-month-old. The day she was killed, prosecutors say her father swung her and slammed her against a door. She cried … and then silence. The abuse Glenara faced likely wasn’t a shock to county officials in Ohio — she was briefly placed in foster care after she was born in January 2013. Still, officials placed Glenara back in her parents’ Cincinnati home, where, court records say, she endured abuse at the hands of her parents for the rest of her short life. A federal civil rights lawsuit filed by Glenara’s maternal grandmother, Desana Bradley, says that social services officials knew the toddler was being abused

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  • Here's Our First Look at Mercedes-Benz's Futuristic Electric Concept Car

    The full reveal will come at the Paris Motor Show.

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  • Wildfire in California's Santa Cruz Mountains (20 photos)

    Firefighters worked to control a wildfire on Tuesday in the Santa Cruz Mountains south of San Francisco Bay area that has forced hundreds of residents to evacuate, despite its relatively small size, officials said. The so-called Loma Fire broke out on Monday afternoon and has scorched more than 1,000 acres (405 hectares) about 10 miles (16 km) northwest of the town of Morgan Hill, fire officials said. Firefighters have built containment lines around 5 percent of the blaze. The fire threatens about 300 homes spread out along a network of rural roads through valleys and hills in the Santa Cruz Mountains, forcing the evacuation of hundreds of residents, said Captain Brian Oliver of the Moraga-Orinda Fire District. With temperatures in the area nearing 100 degrees Fahrenheit (38 degrees Celsius), the more than 500 firefighters working to contain the blaze scrambled on Tuesday to protect buildings in the area, officials said. Oliver said the fire, coming at the height of California’s wildfire season, has the potential to balloon in size. (Reuters) See more news-related photo galleries and follow us on Yahoo News Photo Tumblr  

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  • ‘NCIS’ Cast and Crew React to Showrunner Gary Glasberg’s Death

    The statement released on behalf of the “NCIS” cast and crew wrote, “Gary was our rock, our cheerleader, our team captain. He inspired us with his leadership, his creative instincts and keen insight. NCIS will not be the same without him, and each of us will miss his smiling face and unwavering humor, which lifted us every day.” “What sad a day this is. Gary Glasberg was a gentle man and gentleman loved by so many people. Send your love to his family,” wrote Michael Weatherly. “Our hearts are collectively broken,” Pauley Perrette penned. “Our #NCIS show runner and boss Gary Glasberg has passed away. In shock and sadness. There are no words. Another “NCIS” actor, Joe Spano, added, “I will so miss

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  • Inside College Football: Week 5 Playoff Predictions

    Our 'Inside College Football' analysts predict which four teams will make the playoffs after Week 5.

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  • I've worked in HR for 15 years — here are the 4 things hiring managers don't want you to know

    An HR veteran with over 15 years of experience shares her insider’s take on what really goes down during the hiring process. Before launching my own consulting business, I earned my HR stripes working for everyone from big-name financial service companies to an equally big electronics and entertainment company. So I know firsthand the techniques that are used to vet potential employees — and it’s not all as compliant as you’d expect. If there’s one thing my time in the trenches has taught me it’s that HR reps are willing to do a lot to pinpoint the right employee. Think hiring managers aren’t trolling your social media accounts? Or that having children won’t impact your odds of landing a great

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  • I Made These 3 Changes at Breakfast and Finally Started Losing Weight

    Despite eating (what I thought was) a wholesome breakfast every morning, the pounds weren't dropping. So why was I not losing weight? All the experts say breakfast is key to boosting metabolism, after all. I didn't realize I was making three huge mistakes, but once I changed them, I could see the difference in how my body looked. Bye-Bye Granola Cereal was my go-to breakfast all the way from elementary school through college. Although sweet, delicious, and easy, it was the worst breakfast for me. It's full of sugary carbs and not much fiber or protein. I even went for the healthy stuff like Kashi's GoLean Crunch, granola, and Raisin Bran, but cereal is cereal, and it's not the most nutritious

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