• We Now Know Why Peyton Manning Hasn't Sued Al Jazeera For Those HGH Allegations

    Remember how mad Peyton Manning was when Al-Jazeera reported that he was a big ol’ HGH user? Why hasn’t Manning been more litigious about this? A person familiar with Manning’s strategy who was not authorized to speak publicly told USA Today Sports in a recent conversation that the former quarterback has decided after a dozen conference calls with attorneys that he doesn’t want to spend the time and money necessary to file a lawsuit that would make public the personal records and private lives of both he and his wife Ashley.

  • Furious Brides Are Accusing Kay Jewelers of Swapping Out the Diamonds on Their Engagement Rings

    Kay Jewelers stores are ubiquitous. Multiple women told BuzzFeed that when they took their rings for repairs, they were sent out to get fixed and sent back with a different stone. One went for an outside inspection and found that the stone was now moissanite, a stone that looks like a diamond but is worth less money, though Kay and Zales both still insisted it was a diamond.

  • Here's the truth about Justin Bieber throwing a fan's gift in her face

    Amidst accusations that the troubled pop star Justin Bieber threw out an Argentinian fan's gift of her country's flag back in her face, some people are still out there searching for the truth.  I am telling their story. In early May of 2016, Bieber was in New York City to play two shows at Barclays Center in Brooklyn, host a pop up shop and, if rumors are to be believed, ruin lives. SEE ALSO: The increasingly wise Justin Bieber calls out awards shows on their bullsh*t At 7:22 on May 4, @thinkingomez shared a video of Justin Bieber discarding something from his large black car on Twitter with a message in Portuguese calling Bieber "trash" and accusing him of throwing out a fan gift.  It should be noted that @thinkingomez is a fan account dedicated to Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift — not exactly the most sympathetic source for Bieber news. The account also frequently re-shares video without listing sources.  The Daily Mail reported further details of the incident back on on May 6 — an account of the incident they say is directly from the 15-year-old fan who gave Bieber the discarded item, which they claim is an Argentinian flag.  Can we trust that these are actually the words of this "unnamed Argentinian teenager" on Facebook?  It is also worth noting that Portuguese is not a language commonly spoken in Argentina, despite its proximity to Brazil, so @thinkingomez probably is not directly involved if this theory is to be believed. The fact that Bieber is accused of discarding an Argentinian flag is significant. The last time he toured Argentina, it was a train wreck. Among other discretions, Bieber got in trouble for kicking Argentinian flags off stage, an act which is punishable by up to four years in prison.  On May 16, Bieber had to cancel shows in Argentina because he is banned from the country. Charges against him for allegedly ordering bodyguards to attack paparazzi on his behalf still haven't been dropped.  I will admit that I brushed off the thrown gift story when it first came to me via my Justin Bieber google alert and various Justin Bieber fan accounts I follow. It's hard to tell what Bieber is throwing out from the video — though it does look very much like the flag in question — and does not include footage of Bieber acquiring the object.  Shady Music Facts, a Twitter account with just shy of 200,000 followers shared the video on May 23, and the story gained traction.  That's when the story got personal. A Twitter account — @TheLegalities — with an avatar of Robin Williams seemed to spring up with the sole mission of making that I, Mashable 's Chief Bieber Correspondent, knew the truth about Flag-gate.  All nine of the account's tweets are directed at me to ensure I do the right thing and make sure I'm reporting responsibly.  As the tweets came in quick succession on Monday evening, I was rapt. I even stopped live-tweeting the Season Premiere of The Bachelorette.  @TheLegalities goes on to accuse Shady Music News, an account with "shady" in its name, of being shady and having an anti-Biebs bias.  @TheLegalities also tipped me off to a video that shows a similar incident from another angle that shows Bieber rolling down his window to say hello to the fans.  You can clearly see the fan reaching into Bieber's car to hand him gifts despite a body guard's protest. It's pretty scary. That day, Bieber instigated his no photos policy.  So, yeah, even if Bieber threw out an Argentinian flag, it's probably not a political act or even a diss to the fan that gave it to him. It's unlikely that, in those few seconds, Bieber even realized what he was holding, only that he felt threatened by the hands of strangers entering his vehicle. Do you really think Bieber even remembers what the Argentinian flag looks like? Back to Robin Williams — I knew the significance of @TheLegalities' avatar immediately. Williams guest starred on Law & Order: Special Victims Unit Season 9, Episode 17: "Authority." He played a man who convinces people to commit violent crimes by posing as a cop. He goes on to stage a flash mob in Grand Central Station, which he uses to lure Benson into his trap so he can kidnap her.  The point is, don't believe everything you're told. Find out the facts and make your own conclusions. WAKE UP, SHEEPLE!  After a second Flag-gate Truther contacted me, in addition to a couple other Bieber journalists and a random man who was accidentally caught in the crossfire, I knew I couldn't ignore this story any longer.  Bieber's just trying his best to avoid a mental breakdown.  Bonus: 100 years of kitten beauty in 60 seconds

  • Great white shark explodes out of water after diver’s shrewd move; video

    While cage diving off Gansbaai on the western tip of South Africa, known as the shark-diving capital of the world, a diver made a fortunate decision that led to amazing footage of a massive great white shark exploding out of the water. Den Bradshaw, a self-described adventure enthusiast from the Los Angeles area, was cage

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  • You'll Either Love Or Want To Punch The Reigning 'Jeopardy' Champion

    When Ken Jennings was dominating on Jeopardy, the world cheered him on. Cohen, a recording industry executive from Los Angeles, has an eight-day winning streak going on Jeopardy, and it hasn’t even been close.

  • These 7 Foods Cause the Most Pet Deaths

    In a new review of studies, two animal health researchers in Italy drew up a list of the foods that are the most common culprits in pet poisonings worldwide. "Several foods that are perfectly suitable for human consumption can be toxic to dogs and cats," the researchers wrote in their review, published in the journal Frontiers in Veterinary Science. Sometimes, owners give these harmful foods to their dogs and cats, but a lot of times, pets accidentally ingest these foods, which happen to be commonplace in homes.

  • Let Rihanna and Julia Roberts Show You How to Wear the Same Gucci Dress Two Very Different Ways

    Rihanna wore her version of the green lace dress while out in NYC with only a body chain and a pair of black underwear underneath, accessorizing with a typically futuristic pair of chunky lace-up heels and metallic silver bag.

  • Why Silo Homes Are About to Become the Biggest Thing in Real Estate (13 photos)

    Chip and Joanna Gaines aren't the only ones in love with repurposing grain silos . ​ From Country Living

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  • Why is there an iPhone in this 350-year-old painting?

    The Next Web reported this bizarre anecdote from the conference, noting that the odd-shaped block in the painting is actually described by the painter as "a letter." Okay, that's an iPhone, but sure. What I find most flabbergasting about this very odd story is that Tim Cook has ever been confident in the timing of the iPhone's invention or the identity of its inventor. If I have learned anything from the golden age of cable television it's that time is a flat circle, and if I have learned anything from the swath of recent films about tech personalities, everyone in Silicon Valley is a psychotic pathological liar.

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  • No place like home for the Cavs

    After losing two straight in Toronto, the Cavs came back and absolutely dismantled the Raptors in Cleveland. Take a look at just how impressive it was.

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  • Teen's Water Bottle Flip at High School Talent Show Explodes on Internet

    Mike Senatore, 18, a senior at Ardrey Kell High School in Charlotte, North Carolina, performed a simple water bottle flip trick during his school's talent show. After making students go wild, the Internet is going crazy too.

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  • The complex physics of that viral water bottle trick, explained

    The viral video of a high school student flipping a water bottle so that it lands straight upright on a table has set the internet ablaze. With the pressure of his peers looking on, Michael Senatore, a senior at Ardrey Kell High School in Charlotte, North Carolina, flipped a third-full Deer Park water bottle through the air, landing it perfectly vertical on a table. "This is not your average undergraduate physics problem," Nathaniel Stern, an assistant professor of physics and astronomy at Northwestern University, said.

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  • Hiker Who Died After Getting Lost on Appalachian Trail Left Journal for Loved Ones: 'When You Find My Body, Please Call My Husband'

    A missing Appalachian Trail hiker whose remains were discovered last year kept a journal of her ordeal and left behind a series of haunting messages to her husband. Geraldine Largay survived at least 26 days in the wilderness after getting lost on the trail in July 2013. Text messages sent to her husband went undelivered and the 66-year-old woman accepted the fact that she was going to die, according to newly released investigatory documents obtained by the Associated Press.

  • Scientists May Have Finally Found the Fountain of Youth

    We are constantly inundated with products and treatments that promise to “defy aging.” And now it seems sea urchins may have found the answer behind how to actually do it. Recent studies conducted by the MDI Biological Laboratory in Bar Harbor, Maine, and published in Aging Cell, took a look at the regenerative properties of three species of sea urchins (each of which have three different life spans) in hopes of understanding more about how the process relates to aging ...

  • Husky throws adorable tantrum when asked to get off the couch

    We can relate, bud.  The stubborn husky, named Zeus, recently captured the hearts of millions after his bath time temper tantrum went viral. And now, Zeus is back for another go. However, this time, Zeus would prefer to be a lazy couch potato than go for a walk. Now typically when dogs hear the word "walk" they go nuts, but this pup would rather chill on the couch and watch some TV. In the YouTube description, Zeus' owner clarifies that the dog does actually like to go for walks, but some days he can be a bit on the lazy side and needs some convincing.  Chewbacca mom continues her best week ever at Lucasfilm HQ This is what happens when you ask Hodor to 'hold the door' IRL Why is Elon Musk so afraid of artificial intelligence? This video of an Indian man setting a world record by hugging 79 people in a minute will leave you in splits

  • 15 Best Things to Buy at Costco for Memorial Day Weekend

    By Andrew DePietro, Finance WriterMemorial Day weekend finally has arrived. The unofficial kickoff to summer, Memorial Day celebrates and honors American soldiers who died serving in the U.S. armed forces.Every year, Americans mark Memorial Day with parades, festivals and Memorial Day sales. Big-box retailers and stores are usually open on...

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  • This gorgeous mansion is where the Obamas will live after the White House

    The Obama family's tenure in the White House isn't quite over, but they're already planning their post-presidential digs. News broke Wednesday that the first family reportedly has plans to lease this 8,200-square-foot pad in the Washington D.C. neighborhood of Kalorama come January: The Obamas announced in March that they would be staying in D.C. after President Obama's second term ends to let their younger daughter, Sasha, finish high school. The house — which is owned by NFL Executive Vice President of Communications Joe Lockhart and his wife, Giovanna Gray Lockhart, the Washington editor of Glamour — last sold in May 2014 for $5,295,000. It sits on about a quarter-acre of land and has nine

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  • Gary Payton Had The Best Response To A Question Comparing The '96 Bulls And '16 Warriors

    Listening to Gary Payton talk about basketball is fun, because save for maybe Charles Barkley, no one is more up front about what they’re thinking than The Glove. An example came in an interview that Payton did with Sports Illustrated. Because he is a person who exists and has been around basketball in some capacity in his life, Payton was asked to compare the 1996 Chicago Bulls to the 2016 Golden State Warriors.

  • 30 Pasta Salad Recipes for Any Outdoor Dinner (31 photos)

    A summer picnic, potluck, or barbecue — these are your go-to's. And watch it be the first bowl to go empty. They're packed with a colorful mix of veggies, homemade dressings, and cold pastas. From House Beautiful

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  • Top247 CB Marco Wilson spring scrimmage highlights

    Highlights of Plantation (Fla.) American Heritage Top247 cornerback Marco Wilson during his spring scrimmage.

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