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  • One Group of People Is Acquiring HIV in Record Numbers, But We Don't Talk About Them

    They're 49 times more likely to contract HIV than the general population.

  • Katie Price And Kelly Brook ‘Planning Wardrobe Malfunctions’ For Publicity?

    Both Kelly Brook and Katie Price have ‘fallen victim’ to the dreaded wardrobe malfunction in recent weeks, with Katie shocking fans when she accidentally flashed her bum on the red carpet for the Mockingjay Part Two film premiere. Not too long after that, Kelly flashed her own undergarments at the Evening Standard Theatre Awards, with a gust of wind blowing up the dress’ split and showcasing the former glamour model’s knickers. Speaking to Closer magazine, a source shared: “Kelly’s friends worry if her cheekily flashing her knickers was pre-planned.

    Stephanie Soteriou
  • Patriots officially add veteran WR, another to practice squad

    The Patriots addressed their shortage of healthy pass catchers Tuesday with a host of roster moves. The team signed veteran wide receiver Damaris Johnson to the active roster and wide receiver Austin Hill to the practice squad. The Patriots also claimed running back Trey Williams off waivers from the Cowboys and placed rookie defensive lineman…

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  • Man Jailed After Attacking Girlfriend And Smashing Up Wedding – Just Because He Didn’t Want To Go

    Alex Rees, 26, went on a rampage when his partner Tayah Neild insisted he attend the ceremony where she was chief-bridesmaid. Judge Simon Newell told him: “What clearly happened that night is that you, having fallen out with your girlfriend and having certain personal differences about the wedding, rather than taking yourself off, you had too much to drink, assaulted her and caused substantial criminal damage to a number of cars and the wedding premises. Prosecutor Joseph Allman told the court how Rees had been in a relationship with Miss Neild for around 12 months before they were invited to the wedding of Jason and Laura Blockley.

    Anthony Pearce's Blog
  • iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus rumors and news leaks

    Enjoying the feel of that sparkly new rose gold iPhone 6S in your hand, and the joy of 3D Touch? Well, we don’t want to spoil that, but Apple’s already working on the iPhone 7, and rumors about it are beginning to spread. Here’s what we think we know about Apple’s next major smartphone release so far. Updated on 12-01-2015 by David Curry: Added in rumors that Apple is testing five different iPhone 7 models with special features like an on-screen fingerprint scanner, wireless charging, USB Type C, dual-camera tech, and more. Apple might add fingerprint sensor on the display Reports from inside China suggest that Apple is testing five models of the iPhone 7, all with one major feature that is apparently in the pipeline for future iPhones. Not all of the features will launch on the iPhone 7, we suspect, although Apple might make a huge leap in technology next year to compete with cheaper, high-end Android phones on the market. Related:  Here are all the rumors surrounding the possible release of a 4-inch iPhone 6C The features include wireless charging, fingerprint recognition on the display, multi Force Touch, dual-cameras, and a USB Type-C connector. Previous patents have suggested Apple is working on wireless charging and fingerprint recognition technology on the display, though the patent for wireless charging was filed three years ago. Multi Force Touch and dual-camera configurations would be new for Apple, but dual-cameras have been attempted by HTC in the past to middling success. Of course, it’s unclear which of these features — if any — will make it into the iPhone 7. It may be made of liquid metal and waterproof As we said before, if Apple follows its own mobile trend the iPhone 7 should come with an entirely new design. TrendForce published a press release last month asserting that say the iPhone 7 will be waterproof, which would make it the first such device from Apple. An earlier post made to the Chinese social network Weibo, and reported by Macotakara, also said the iPhone 7 will have a waterproof and dustproof body. Related: Here’s our comprehensive iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus buying guide While water resistant phones have existed for a while, the popularity with manufacturers ebbs and flows, with Samsung choosing to add it on the Galaxy S5, then abandon it for the Galaxy S6. Sony continues to make water resistance a feature on its Xperia smartphones, though it became less prevalent on the Xperia Z5. Another Weibo post talks about Apple using a new, but unnamed material to make the iPhone 7 case, and it won’t be metal. Rumors have spread in the past about an all liquid metal iPhone, but have never come true, and this may signal Apple has decided to go in a different direction with the next generation phone. Apple might be planning to axe the 3.5mm audio jack on the iPhone 7, and replace it with a USB Type-C connector that supports proprietary headphones, according to sources in China. This would be a smart way for Apple to remove third-party headphones that don’t meet Apple’s standards, though it goes against the company’s move to open standards with the introduction of USB Type-C on the 12-inch MacBook. Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo says the iPhone 7 will be the thinnest yet at between 6 and 6.5mm thick. That is around the same as the iPad Air 2, and a millimeter thinner than the current generation iPhone. More RAM and other high-end specs Up until the iPhone 6S, Apple’s phones only sported 1GB of RAM, even though many Android competitors used 3 or 4GB of RAM in their flagship phones. Now, reports hint that the iPhone 7 will get even more RAM than the 6S, with rumors of 3GB of RAM popping up for the iPhone 7 Plus. The claim has been made more than once, and TrendForce is the latest to join the fray. Analyst Kuo also chimed in on the iPhone 7 with another report, claiming it will run on a new A10 chip built entirely by TSMC, a Taiwanese chip manufacturer that has worked with Apple in the past, and built some of the current A9 processors. He also claims the iPhone 7 Plus will have 3GB of RAM, while the iPhone 7 will only use 2GB. Foxconn will apparently manufacture the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, and it should launch towards the end of next year, says Kuo. It’s very early days for the iPhone 7, despite what these rumors may make you think. We don’t even know if Apple will continue with adding an increasing number to the iPhone name, or if it’ll come up with something new for this edition. Whatever the case, we’ll keep you updated with all the news and rumors over the months leading up to the next iPhone’s 2016 introduction. Article originally published on 09-28-2015 Updated on 11-20-2015 by Malarie Gokey: Added in rumors that the next iPhone 7 will have more RAM than before and may be waterproof. Updated on 11-04-2015 by David Curry: Added in news the next big-screen iPhone may have more RAM than before. Also watch: Apple iPhone 6S Plus vs. Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Please enable Javascript to watch this video

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  • SpaceX will try to land its next Falcon 9 rocket on solid ground, NASA says

    When SpaceX launches its Falcon 9 rocket again, the company will attempt to land the vehicle back on solid ground, Florida Today reported. If the company's landing is successful, it will be the first step toward making the Falcon 9 a reusable rocket. The "very exciting news" came from a NASA representative, who made the announcement today to members of the press at Kennedy Space Center in Florida.

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  • Broncos have genuine concern about hits Osweiler's taking

    The Broncos can't put Peyton Manning back in until Brock Osweiler cools off - or until the QB needs to come out. Coach Gary Kubiak has concerns about the number of hits Osweiler is taking and wants that number trimmed.

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  • Adobe Flash is finally dead

    Adobe Flash is dead, long live Adobe Flash. Late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs famously penned a public letter about Adobe Flash back in 2010. Jobs wasn’t the first person to dislike Flash. In fact, developers had hated the technology for years because of its volatility and instability. But Jobs made their plight public and the Internet is now a better place because of it. Once in the public eye, Adobe had no choice but to devote time and resources to making Flash a better product, and the Flash experience of 2015 is nowhere near as bad as it was five years ago. Of course, Flash still has issues with stability and security that make promoting and growing the technology difficult. In fact,

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  • Kristen Stewart Looked Amazing at the Chanel Show in Rome (10 photos)

    Karl Lagerfeld was feeling theatrical this season for his 2015/16 Métiers d'Art collection. And when the greatest living designer of our time is in the mood for drama where does he go? To the source of course! For Lagerfeld that meant taking over the most famous studio in all of Europe, the legendary Cinecittà in Rome, which was founded by Benito Mussolini in 1937 and went on to become the home base for Fellini films, Ben-Hur, La Dolce Vita and countless other iconic movies. Of course Lagerfeld was not going to traverse the hallowed grounds of the Cinecittà without a little something of his own to show. The creative magpie has been directing shorts for the past several seasons (one of his most recent works was a Viennese-inspired number starring a singing Cara Delevingne and Pharrell Williams ). His latest, though, featured none other than campaign star Kristen Stewart as a moody young actress playing Coco Chanel. On Tuesday night in Rome, Lagerfeld screened Once and Forever , with KStew in attendance was well as Rooney Mara and a slew of editors flown in for the occasion. Wearing a black cropped jacket with silver embroidery (and nothing underneath) with high waisted leather pants and extensions in her hair, the star kind of looked the best she’s ever been. She seemed to stand taller, prouder, more confidently than usual. Perhaps embodying the soul of a fashion legend suits her!  The evening also included a showing of his latest collection, 87 glorious looks worn by iconic models like Catherine McNeil, Freja Beha, and Lara Stone (read: nary a Kendall Jenner in sight). They circled the elaborate set (which included a makeshift patisserie) wearing everything from everything from sheer lace gowns to cropped jackets and minidresses trimmed with pink ostrich feathers. Sporting kohl-rimmed eyes and Bardot hair, there also donned piles of costume jewelry (a Chanel trademark), pearl-trimmed sandals, and handbags made to look like old timey 16mm cameras. There were also men in full tweed looks and flouncy white blouses, denoting that Lagerfeld has picked on the new androgynous way of dressing. When the designer finally took his bow with his godson Hudson Kroenig by his side looking like a 1940s-era migrant worker, you could tell, even from a distance, that the designer was pleased with this particular performance. Long live La Dolce Vita! Follow us on Facebook , Instagram , and Pinterest for nonstop inspiration delivered fresh to your feed, every day.

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  • Vineland police seek missing mom and 3-month-old baby

    Police in Vineland, New Jersey are asking for your help in locating a missing mom and her baby.

    KABC – Los Angeles
  • Airline Apologizes for 'Misunderstanding' After Attorney Blocked From Flight

    Bobby Abtahi, an Iranian-American, was waiting to board his flight from New York to Dallas on Monday, when a flight agent "informed me that I wouldn't be getting on the flight," he told ABC News via Skype. "I asked her why, and she said that because the captain and crew did not feel comfortable with me on board," Abtahi said. According to Abtahi, the crew told the agent that he "cut off a crew member on the way into the airport.

    Good Morning America 10 mins ago
  • How Spider-Man in ‘Captain America: Civil War’ Could Change the Cinematic Universe

    Once Spider-Man makes his appearance, he’ll be bringing something new to the established movie universe.

  • Venezuela has bigger oil reserves than Saudi Arabia — yet there's no toilet paper in stores

    Venezuela is holding legislative elections this Sunday. Three decades ago, Venezuela boasted some of Latin America’s highest living standards. Today, after 17 years of revolution, most people cannot find toilet paper in shops — even though the country has larger oil reserves than Saudi Arabia.

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  • Pushback Against Trump from Mainstream Media Grows

    The Kool-Aid on tap in Trump Tower must be pretty powerful stuff. At least that’s the only conclusion one can draw from the Monday afternoon appearance on CNN by Michael Cohen, an executive vice president in the Trump Organization and special counsel to Donald Trump, the current frontrunner for the Republican presidential nomination. In an interview with Jake Tapper, Cohen was asked to explain one of the many literally unbelievable statements that have come out of his boss’s mouth during the five months that he’s dominated the Republican presidential primary.

    The Fiscal Times
  • NBA rules that Luke Walton's only official win with Warriors is Coach of the Month

    Walton is the first interim coach to win such an award, and the first to do so with no official coaching wins under his belt.

    Ball Don't Lie
  • 16 Worst Things to Buy at Costco and Sam's Club

    Shopping at a warehouse club, such as Costco, Sam's Club or BJ's Wholesale, is a great way to save money. Don't be afraid to stock up on the best bargains at warehouse clubs including batteries, meats and wines. It's best to avoid bulk purchases of perishable items at warehouse clubs, no matter how tempting the price, if there aren't enough people in your household to consume them quickly.

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  • Kids Are Boycotting School Lunches They Say Are Worse Than Prison Food

    The effort, called “The School Lunch Project: Culinary Denial,” was created in November by civics students at the school. Chicago Public Schools partnered with Philadelphia-based Aramark two years ago when the district, like several others across the nation, shifted to offering free meals to all students at most campuses.

  • Chevy’s 2017 Bolt Electric Car Looks Shockingly Cool (4 photos)

    Eleven months ago, Chevrolet promised to beat Tesla to building an affordable, yet long-range electric car, unveiling the Bolt concept car and vowing to build it next year. With a promised range of 200 miles on a charge, and a price tag in the range of $30,000 after government incentives, the Bolt was the most ambitious all-electric car from Detroit since General Motors’ ill-fated EV1. Since then, Chevrolet has been fairly quiet about the project, but as auto show season heats up, it’s clear the Bolt has moved closer to reality. With the unveil of the production version now scheduled for the Consumer Electronics Show in January, spy team SpiedBilde has caught the Bolt undisguised in the wild—and from here, it looks like Chevy might have a winner. All photos by SpiedBilde under license to Yahoo Autos

    Justin Hyde
  • Breastfeeding Mom Shuts Down Haters With One Photo

    Sitting in a restaurant, surrounded by people, Ashley Kaidel fed her son. The trouble for one fellow diner was that Kaidel was giving her 6-month-old milk from her uncovered breast at her table. 

    Jennifer O'Neill
  • Victoria’s Secret model Adriana Lima meets her match

    Adriana Lima's wax figure is unveiled at Madame Tussauds in New York. Angela Moore reports.

    Reuters Videos