• Stephen Curry crossed Chris Paul up so hard he breakdanced

    If Chris Paul can't avoid getting embarrassed by Steph Curry, pretty much nobody can avoid getting embarrassed by Steph Curry.

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  • Alyssa Milano Says She Loves Her Stretch Marks

    Alyssa Milano is proud of being a mother and all the physical changes that come with it. The actress, 42, joined the ladies of The Talk for a discussion about stretch marks. "Some people might see them as imperfections, but when you have a baby –those are your beauty marks," Milano said. "I love my stretch marks. I have them on my boobs, on my ass, on my belly." PHOTO: Mom Shares Incredibly Inspiring Bikini Body Pic  And while she's not shy about talking about the beauty marks, she does admit that she wouldn't wear a bikini on the beach for fear that paparazzi would "rip apart every part of her body." This is not the first time that Milano has caused some discussion. When she posted a breastfeeding selfie back in November, she questioned why her photo was more controversial than reality star Kim Kardashian's Paper Magazine photo shoot that showed her posing nude. WATCH: Is Alyssa Milano's Breastfeeding Selfie More Controversial Than Kim Kardashian Nude? Milano and her agent husband David Bugliari welcomed their daughter Elizabella on Sept. 4. The couple also has a son, Milo Thomas, 3.

  • Exclusive: Republican White House hopefuls attack Obamacare but take money

    By Andy Sullivan WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Several Republican governors likely to run for president have secured hundreds millions of dollars under Obamacare while working to dismantle the healthcare law, according to a Reuters review of federal spending records. Governors Scott Walker of Wisconsin, Chris Christie of New Jersey, Bobby Jindal of Louisiana and former Texas Governor Rick Perry, all staunch opponents of President Barack Obama's 2010 Affordable Care Act, have collectively applied for and won at least $352 million through grant programs set up by the law, federal records show. "Receiving federal grants that existed prior to the ACA is not the same as participating in the core elements of the ACA." The money in question stems from less controversial parts of the law that enhance public health and other nuts-and-bolts programs, rather than the insurance exchanges and expansion of the Medicaid program for the poor that have drawn fierce opposition from Republicans.

  • Gas Prices Headed As Low As $1.50 A Gallon

    Speeding past Newark Airport on Interstate 95 in New Jersey, a stunning scene across the way offers a rare glimpse into the future of the US energy business, and the picture isn’t pretty. The narrow strip of land that borders the interstate also backs up to the shore along the New

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  • 2016 Porsche Cayman Spyder (10 photos)

    The 2016 Porsche Cayman Spyder that debuted at the New York Auto Show once again shows how beautiful a manual soft top can be. As a purer, rawer Boxter, it's over 60 pounds lighter, with a 375-horsepower motor pulled from the Cayman GT4. Air conditioning and radio are an option, and it starts at around $83,000.

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  • The line between funny and offensive is thin. Trevor Noah is on the wrong side.

    It was only a matter of time before people scraped through the Twitter feed of Trevor Noah, the comedian who will replace Jon Stewart as the host of The Daily Show. Many people have gone through Noah's Twitter feed, pulling out examples of offensive jokes he's made in the past.

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  • UConn coaches prohibited from attending the Final Four

    They're boycotting the event in response to Indiana's controversial Religious Freedom Restoration Act.

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  • The Flash Super Trailer: Grodd's Arrival, Oliver's New Look and More Surprises

    Some very famous faces are coming to Central City in the next few weeks — and one of them happens to be a psychic gorilla. Following Tuesday’s revealing episode of The Flash, The CW aired a minute-long trailer teasing the final episodes of Season 1 (which ends Tuesday, May 19). And yes, the elusive Grodd does show his glorious mug. But

  • Police: Mother leaves daughter to sleep in Dallas trash bin

    DALLAS (AP) — A mother has been charged with leaving her 7-year-old daughter to sleep overnight in a trash bin outside a spa in Dallas, police said.

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  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2 has a new Casey Jones, and the casting is perfect

    Arrow's Stephen Amell has been cast as Casey Jones in the upcoming sequel to the 2014 film, reports Variety. Paramount did not comment to Variety. The rebooted Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles film was, to put it nicely, not nearly as bad as it could have been.

  • LeBron James Says He Only Has Three Friends In NBA, None Are His Teammates

    James explains that just because he isn't close with his current teammates, it doesn't mean they have a bad relationship.Keywords: NBA, Basketball, Cleveland Cavaliers, LeBron James, Kevin Love, Kyrie Irving, Dwyane Wade, Carmelo Anthony, Chris Paul

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  • 4 things you should never do in an interview

    Once you've landed a job interview, you have...

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  • Blood Moon: Shortest Total Lunar Eclipse of the Century Rises Saturday

    Only the speediest of skywatchers will have a chance to see the total lunar eclipse rising Saturday: NASA predicts that the total phase of the lunar eclipse will only last about 5 minutes, making it the shortest lunar eclipse of the century. Early-rising observers all over the United States should be able to see at least the partial phases of the April 4 lunar eclipse just before the sun rises, if weather permits. People on the West Coast will have the chance to see the moon turn an eerie shade of red during totality, which should begin at about 7:58 a.m. EDT (1158 GMT, 4:58 a.m. PDT).  NASA this week unveiled a video detailing the total lunar eclipse, and dubbed the event the shortest lunar eclipse of the century in an announcement on Monday (March 30) in detail. Observers in other parts of the world will have an even better chance to see the lunar eclipse.

  • Manifesto in 'Gone Girl' Case Reveals Truth About Denise Huskins Kidnapping, Lawyer Says

    Douglas Rappaport, the attorney for Denise Huskins, said he has received a “15-page, single-spaced email” from the kidnappers. “They talk very extensively about how they prepared for it, what weapons to use,” Rappaport said in an exclusive interview with ABC News. Rappaport said the email was sent to the San Francisco Chronicle after Huskins turned up safe Wednesday, two days after her boyfriend, Aaron Quinn, reported that she was abducted from his Vallejo, California, home. In the email, the group compares itself to the crew from the movie “Ocean’s 11,” calling themselves college-educated career criminals who only nabbed Huskins as a dry run so they could kidnap higher-profile victims in the future.

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  • Joni Mitchell, legendary folk singer-songwriter, rushed to LA hospital (18 photos)

    Legendary folk singer-songwriter Joni Mitchell was rushed to the hospital on Tuesday after reportedly being found unconscious at her L.A. home. The Canadian musician’s official Twitter account confirmed Mitchell’s hospitalization, saying they’re still awaiting word on her condition. According to TMZ, paramedics hurried to the singer’s Bel Air residence after receiving a 911 call about an unconscious woman, though she was reportedly alert on the way to the hospital. The website describes her medical condition as “quite serious.” A spokesperson for the Los Angeles Fire Department confirmed that paramedics responded to an emergency 911 call on Mitchell’s street in Bel Air at about 2:30 on Tuesday, but was unable to confirm her condition. (Variety) Find more news related pictures on our photo galleries page and follow us on Tumblr.

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  • Pakistan struggles with Yemen coalition dilemma

    Pakistan faces an unenviable dilemma -- whether to join a Saudi Arabia-led coalition fighting Shiite Huthi rebels in Yemen or stay out and risk angering its old ally which provides it with huge financial support. Pakistan, currently the Islamic world's only nuclear power, has provided military aid and expertise to the Gulf kingdom for decades and enjoyed cheap oil and massive financial help in return. In addition, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has close personal ties to the Saudi royal family, so Pakistan might have seemed like an obvious candidate to join the coalition of Arab states. Islamabad says it will defend Saudi "territorial integrity" but insists no troops or equipment have been sent yet and maintains Pakistan will not take part in any conflict that divides the Muslim world along sectarian lines.

  • Here's why it could get way worse for gold


    The Fed's next move could crush the precious metal, traders warn.

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  • Why are there two Boeing Dreamliners in the Mojave Desert?

    The Mojave Desert in California is often the final resting place for old aircraft. According to a report from Bloomberg, Boeing is currently storing two 787 Dreamliners in the Mojave. The reason is trouble getting the plane’s specialized seats delivered, a problem that has caused delays in Boeing’s production schedule as seat-supplier Zodiac Aerospace has struggled to keep up with demand. The Dreamliners there, however, were supposed to be the third and fourth 787s delivered to American Airlines.

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  • Craigslist Rental Scam Leaves Family Without a Home

    An alleged scammer is said to have posted a foreclosed home on Craigslist, advertising it for rent when it wasn't.

  • Milwaukee Buck Miles Plumlee Has Solid Taste in Supercars

    In the short time that Miles Plumlee has been in the NBA, he’s already bounced around a bit. He was drafted by the Indiana Pacers, moved to the Phoenix Suns, and again traded this year to the Milwaukee Bucks. It seems like the 26-year-old first-round-pick could be on his way to being yet another professional basketball