• Todd Chrisley's Daughter Lindsie Divorcing Husband Will Campbell: 'I Had Been Struggling with This Decision for a Long Time'

    Chrisley Knows Best star Lindsie Chrisley and her husband Will Campbell are divorcing after four years of marriage. The eldest daughter of Todd Chrisley announced her split exclusively to PEOPLE Wednesday, explaining that the two simply grew apart. "I feel like I've become more independent, I've come more into myself, I'm more confident with myself and I just don't feel that relationship gives me what I need anymore.

  • State troopers care for child found covered in vomit

    (CNN)It must have been a heartbreaking sight during a routine traffic stop -- a baby in the backseat, covered in vomit. But no worries, because West Virginia state troopers knew just what to do. The baby was found after troopers pulled over a suspected drunk driver earlier this week in Princeton, Lt. Michael Baylous told CNN affiliate WCHS. Since the 1-year-old was drenched in vomit, the child was taken back to headquarters. There, trooper D.C Graham cleaned the child up in a sink, wrapping the baby in a towel and watching over until officials from child protective services showed up. The child, who troopers suspect had been sick for awhile, looks pleased as punch during the sink bath at headquarters.

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  • Bursting At The Seams! Kris Jenner’s Stomach Explodes Out Of Suit After Major Weight Gain — See The Wardrobe Malfunction

    Where are the Spanx when you need them?! Kris Jenner has been hiding her weight gain well but her pants suit just couldn’t hold in her fuller figure!

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  • Prospector finds huge gold nugget, even though it's 2016 and not 1851

    "Striking gold" is mainly a term to express when someone gets really lucky nowadays, but by golly, someone has actually done it. A 145-ounce gold nugget has been reportedly found in Victoria, Australia by a real life prospector and could be worth more than A$250,000 ($190,710) when it goes to auction. The big 'ol nugget has been named "Friday's Joy" on account of the day it was found.  SEE ALSO: 'World's largest truffle' is worth thousands but looks like a lot of poop My preciouses. Image: minelab The anonymous prospector initially found a nine ounce tennis ball-shaped gold nugget two feet deep, returning the next day to see if there was more, according to a statement from metal detector manufacturer, Minelab. And alas, gold was struck. Eureka! “About 12 inches below the ground, I could just barely make out the top of something. As I began to scrape away the clay and dig deeper, I really couldn't believe my eyes — this wasn't an old piece of steel in front of me," the prospector said in the statement. "I had just unearthed a colossal gold nugget — a once in a lifetime find! I was in total disbelief as I didn't think nuggets of this size were still around." Image: minelab The gold nugget is apparently now safely stowed away in a bank vault, but the prospector did hide it in their oven the first night after it was discovered.  "It's like catching a big fish and not knowing what to do with it! Where do we put it? I washed it in water, covered it in aluminium foil and kept it in my oven on the first night," they said, now planning to purchase a van and travel Australia with their newfound wealth. 

  • Black Lives Matter Has Officially Cost Mizzou 2,100 Students

    The University of Missouri’s (MU) flagship Columbia campus has officially lost a staggering 23 percent of its freshman class this year, an even worse figure than administrators initially predicted in the wake of major racial strife. The big enrollment drop at MU has been brewing for months, but finally became a reality this week with the start of fall term on campus. MU’s freshman class this year has some 4,799 students, a drop of over 1,400 from last year, when freshmen numbered 6,211. Overall enrollment is down by over 2,200, a drop of about 7 percent, according to preliminary numbers released by the school.

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  • Iran's 'New' Karrar Tank: "One of the Most Advanced Tanks in the World"?

    In March, Brig. Gen. Hossein Dehghan — Iran’s defense minister — claimed that a new, unseen Iranian tank called the Karrar “is one of the most advanced tanks in the world.” He further suggested that the “tank [is] 100 percent Iranian made and it can even be superior than [the] T-90 in some degrees.” Then in August, a tank with a close resemblance to the Russian-made T-90MS appeared on Iranian television. It flew a green, white and red Iranian flag from the turret … while spinning donuts. It’s impossible to draw any conclusions about the new tank based on a grainy split second of video footage. It could be the Karrar — but even that raises more questions. A “Karrar” might be the Iranian name for

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  • Heartbreaking New Details About the Death of the 2-Year-Old Disney Alligator Victim

    A report released Monday by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission reveals heartbreaking new details in the devastating death of Lane Graves, the 2-year-old boy who was fatally attacked by an alligator at Disney’s Grand Floridian in Orlando, Florida, earlier this year. According to the report, Lane Graves was building sand castles by the water when he waded into the shallow end to refill his bucket. Matt Graves, the boy’s father, attempted to try and pry open the alligator’s jaws by putting his hands inside of its mouth and grabbing its teeth, but this only caused the animal to fight back harder before pulling loose and dragging the 2-year-old into deeper water.

  • RAW VIDEO: Brutal attack in San Francisco caught on camera

    San Francisco police are looking for a person who they say walked up to a woman for no reason and started punching her. SF police provided this video in the hopes someone would recognize the suspect.

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  • Watch: Iranian Attack-Boats Swarm U.S. Destroyer

    Iran's swarming tactics can overcome the U.S. Navy's technological superiority.

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  • Candyman III: Day of the Dead

    The Candyman returns intent on making his descendent join him forever. After he frames her for the murders of her friends, she has nowhere else to turn.

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  • A husband's confession: The three unforgettable words my wife said at our wedding

    While I vividly remember many moments from my wedding day, there's one moment that still moves me, and I hope it always does. We had an Anglican wedding ceremony, which has a lovely script, but it doesn't allow for much creativity. Our pastor did make one exception, however: Before we said our vows, he let us share the testimony of how God brought us together. Despite Raquel's nervousness about talking in front of a large crowd, she did it calmly and confidently. And when she finished telling the story, she looked at me and said three words that have stayed with me: "I'm trusting you." I still want to be that man she can trust, and on my wedding day, I thought I was. However, if eight years of

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  • American ISIS Hostage Kayla Mueller Stood Up to 'Jihadi John' Fellow Captive Reveals

    New details about American Islamic State hostage Kayla Mueller's time in captivity will be revealed in an upcoming ABC News 20/20 special report, including a standoff with terrorist Jihadi John. Mueller, who was held captive by ISIS militants for 1.5 years, reportedly died in February 2015. Previously, Mueller's parents, Carl and Marsha Mueller, said that their daughter was raped by an ISIS leader – abuse she detailed in a letter given to a released French captive.

  • Kate Gosselin on Twins as Dad Jon Fires Back: I'm So Proud of Them

    Jon Gosselin has responded to his ex-wife Kate's tell-all PEOPLE interview. Hours after the mother of eight's cover story was revealed on Wednesday, which details the couple's past marriage and gives updates on the children, Jon, 39, told Entertainment Tonight: "I'm very upset. ...

  • Pat Summitt's will leaves 'personal property' to Tyler Summitt

    Pat Summitt’s last will and testament didn’t spread the property of the Tennessee women’s basketball coaching legend. Summitt gave all of her "tangible personal property" to her only son, Tyler. A copy of the will was obtained by the News Sentinel, and it specified that Summitt’s property included "automobiles, clothing, jewelry and other articles of personal use or ornament." Summitt’s home off Alcoa Highway in Blount County was put up for sale earlier this summer. She lived at Sherrill Hill Senior Living in Knoxville from late January until her death on June 28 after a five-year battle with early onset Alzheimer’s disease. The will is dated July 18, 2013. Summitt’s brother, Tommy Head, was

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  • Musician’s death baffled doctors – until they checked his bagpipes

    It was April 2014 and the 61-year-old had spent the past seven years finding it harder and harder to breathe. Once able to run 10 kilometers, he could now barely walk 20 meters. His lungs were operating at a third their proper capacity. Doctors were stumped. Five years earlier, the man had been diagnosed with a serious inflammation of the lungs, known as hypersensitivity pneumonitis, or HP. HP has a variety of other names, each one of which offered a possible solution to the medical mystery: farmer’s lung, hot tub lung, humidifier lung and, perhaps oddest of all, pigeon fancier’s lung. When doctors tried to pin down the cause of the man’s malady, however, it eluded them. He didn’t smoke. His

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  • Iran: Forces will warn any vessel after US warship incident

    Iran's naval forces will warn or confront any foreign ship entering the country's territorial waters, the Iranian defense minister said Thursday, remarks that came after an incident this week involving a U.S. warship. The semi-official Tasnim news agency quoted Gen. Hosein Dehghan as saying that "if any foreign vessel enters our waters, we warn them, and if it's an invasion, we confront." He added that Iranian boats patrol to monitor traffic and foreign vessels in its territorial waters. U.S. Navy video of the incident obtained by The Associated Press shows American sailors on the Nitze firing flares and sounding the warship's horn as the Iranian boats approached.

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  • 21 Talented Bloggers Who Deserve Their Own HGTV Shows (22 photos)

    The farmhouse-loving women are stars just waiting to be born. From Cosmopolitan

  • Maryland Mom Arrested for Leaving Her 8- and 9-Year-Olds Alone to Go Get Food

    At what age can kids be left home alone, if at all? One mom thought her kids would be fine, but probably now regrets her choice. While on vacation in Rehoboth Beach, DE, Susan Terrillion, 55, of Maryland left her 8- and 9-year-old kids in their getaway rental when she went to pick up food five miles away. The action resulted in her arrest, USA Today reports. She was charged with two counts of endangering the welfare of her children. https://www.facebook.com/rehobothbeachpolice/photo... data width="800"" data-width="350" A stranger discovered her children were home alone when the family dogs ran in front of his car and he got out to help the kids secure the pets. The witness called the police

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  • Long road led to former Raider Todd Marinovich's most recent arrest in Southern California

    IRVINE -- Among the dozens of Expressionist and Impressionist oil paintings that Todd Marinovich has created in the last several years, there is one called "The Crown." The former USC and Raiders quarterback admits it is a self-portrait, an orange face crying amidst a wall of clipped newspaper headlines. The face looks to be in more pain than Edvard Munch's "The Scream." As for all the headlines in the background, he said they came from a discovery of an old trunk in his grandmother's garage. "I couldn't see myself saving all these things and making a scrapbook, so I used them in my art," . The headlines included words such as "AWOL Marinovich Suspended" and "Marinovich arrested on cocaine charge"

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  • Kate Middleton Stuns in a Floral Sundress While Attending Charity Event With Prince William

    The royal couple looked sharp during their visit to Luton, England.

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  • Scarborough: Argument on Clinton Foundation Fundraising 'Pathetic'

    The stance being taken by Hillary Clinton's campaign over the growing "pay-for-play" controversy involving the Clinton Foundation is "pathetic," MSNBC's "Morning Joe" host Joe Scarborough said Thursday morning, decrying claims that it is necessary for former President Bill Clinton to continue his fundraising activities for the charity. "You're not that pathetic, are you?" Scarborough said, responding to a statement made by Clinton campaign spokesman Brian Fallon on Wednesday defending the Clinton Foundation. Fallon, after alleging the scandal is politically motivated, told MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell that "if any American voter is troubled by the idea that the Clintons want to continue working the

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  • 14 Daughters of the Rich and Famous You Didn't Know Were Changing the World (30 photos)

    "With great power comes great responsibility" doesn't just apply to Peter Parker. Whether their fathers are famous actors or oil kings, these daughters are leveraging their heritage through activism and philanthropic contributions that raise consciousness (and cash) for timely causes. From Marie Claire

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