• Lumber Liquidators shares are crashing after a damning '60 Minutes' report

    Lumber Liquidators shares are getting smoked...

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  • Here's How Much the Typical American Made Last Year, By Age and Sex -- How Do You Compare?

    Saving while you're young makes a big difference, but here's why that's still tough for many.

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  • Meryl Streep's 3 Chic Daughters Front Fashion Campaign

    Meryl Streep 's daughters have already made names for themselves apart from their famous mother. Mamie Gummer, 31, has held a highly regarded recurring role onThe Good Wifefor years; Grace Gummer, 28, was on The Newsroom and American Horror Story; and 23-year-old Louisa Gummer is signed to IMG Models. Now, the three sisters can add fashion campaign stars to their expanding resumes as they front & Other Stories’ latest ads.  For H&M’s sister brand’s latest collaboration with designer Clare Vivie r, the European fast fashion outlet, which launched in the United States last year, tapped the Gummers to showoff shoes, bags and accessories. 

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  • Microsoft demos Windows 10 apps running on Xbox One

    Microsoft revealed in January that it's is bringing universal apps to the Xbox One, but the company didn't demonstrate how they would look and feel. Microsoft's technical lead for Windows universal apps, Kevin Gallo, took to the stage during a developer event to demonstrate Windows 10 universal apps on Xbox One. It was all part of a broader message to developers that Microsoft is building a scalable and adaptive user interface for Windows 10 to make it easier for universal apps to run across PCs, phones, tablets, and even TV screens via the Xbox One. Gallo didn't expand on when developers will be able to start creating Xbox One apps, but The Verge understands Microsoft is ready to allow any developer to build apps for its gaming console.

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  • Jennifer Garner: "It's My Turn" to Work After Supporting Ben Affleck's Career

    Jennifer Garner is focusing on her career again, and told reporters at the premiere of her new movie Danny Collins, "It's my turn to work" -- read her quotes about balancing work and family with husband Ben Affleck!

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  • Costco is replacing American Express with Visa and Citi

    Costco has entered an new co-branding agreement...

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  • 6 Easy Mediterranean Diet Dishes Ready in Under 30 Minutes

    These 6 recipes show you just how easy it is to follow the Mediterranean Diet.

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  • Red Bull takes off the camo testing livery, reveals full color on Monday

    Red Bull takes off the camo, comes back in color.

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  • Disneyland 'ghost' video sparks speculations,..again

    A park surveillance video from Disneyland, that was first posted back in 2009, is once again trending on social media.

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  • Blue Cash Everyday® Card


    3% Cash Back at US Supermarkets. $100 Cash Back. Learn More. Apply!

  • Israel says it busted Gaza smuggling ring helping Hamas

    JERUSALEM (AP) — Israel said on Monday it has busted an Israeli-Palestinian smuggling ring that funneled iron, electronic equipment and other prohibited materials to Gaza, bypassing Israel's stringent border security to help Hamas rebuild its militant infrastructure following last year's war.

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  • This Rolls-Royce Truck is True Working-Man Luxury

    The talk of the town continues to be Rolls-Royce, and its soon-to-be Cullinan SUV. If you’re hoping to nab one of these ultra-lux off-roaders, you’ll likely have to wait until 2017… and have quite a lot of cash or great credit.  Need a Rolls ute sooner? Perhaps this Rolls-Royce flatbed truck is more your style. It

  • The Suddenly Hot Job Market for Workers Over 50

    More companies are recognizing the value of mature workers—and they're starting to hire them.

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  • Detroit Public School To SUSPEND KIDS If Parents Miss Common Core Test Meeting

    Teachers at Coleman A. Young Elementary in Detroit, Mich. sent a letter home with children last week threatening the little kids with suspension if their parents do not show up to a parent-teacher meeting. The letter thanked two dozen parents who showed up for a meeting on Thursday. “I was like, ‘Wow, is this a joke?’ I really couldn’t believe what I was reading,” Derrick Smoak, the father of a third-grade boy, told WDIV. “Let’s find a date when it can actually work for the parents for the both of them, so they both can be there,” Derrick Smoak suggested.

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  • The Last Man on Earth Series Premiere Review: Can't Live Without 'Em

    The Last Man on Earth S01E01 & S01E02: "Alive in Tucson" & "The Elephant in the Room" HEY BUDDY! Spoilers follow for the hour-long series premiere of The Last Man on Earth , and I'm going to jump into them pretty quickly, so if you haven't finished watching, then go away or make peace with being spoiled! Fox's new comedy The Last Man on Earth started off like nothing I've ever seen on network television: as a comedy with a cast of one. Well, two if you count the hairy mass on the face of former Saturday Night Live cast member Will Forte, who stars as the titular man (and who also created and executive-produces the series). It's 2020, two years after a virus has wiped out almost everyone on the planet, and Forte's Phil Miller has the entire place to himself. Bearing witness as the guy went about his days with no rules, no societal pressures, and no judgment (margarita pool!) was fascinating stuff, and Forte—one of SNL's better recent exports—carried each scene so well; I didn't give a damn that there weren't any other characters hanging around. It was hysterical to watch him drag trinkets from the Smithsonian into his house, open doors with a gun, and talk to his balls (athletic, not testicular, but would you be surprised if it turned out he had faces shaved onto those little guys?). The series' first 20-something minutes felt like an indie comedy, and the exact kind of risk that broadcast television needs to take more of in order to rise above the typical dreck that pollutes primetime. Unfortunately, broadcast television doesn't care about taking risks, because innovation doesn't always pay the bills. And so, at the end of the first episode—halfway through the premiere—we learned (along with Phil) that he isn't actually alone in this wasteland, and Kristen Schaal's Carol made her debut. The arrival of another character was inevitable; after all, the show isn't called The Last PERSON on Earth, and we knew that other actors, including Schaal and Mad Men's January Jones, would eventually appear (though we didn't know when or how). But Carol's entrance immediately snuffed out some of the spark from the show's opening scenes. I could've easily watched another few hours of Phil schlepping around an empty Tucson and pondering where the should might go next. Once Carol showed up, The Last Man on Earth took some predictable turns. Much of "The Elephant in the Room" could've been retitled "Men are From Tucson, Women are From Tampa," as Carol's attitude is obviously the uptight polar opposite of Phil's open-robe approach to a world without any order whatsoever. She wanted to stop at stop signs, she wanted to park in designated parking spots, she wanted prepositions to remain un-dangled. But come on, stopping at stop signs? I barely stop at stop signs even when I'm flyin' through school zones. What a buzzkill. The result was a series of typical rom-com-style conflicts. Carol wanted to clean up Phil's house, he wanted her out of his space. She wanted to get married, he was just horny. She wanted this, he wanted that. It all amounted to a bunch of sitcom relationship tropes set against the backdrop of a post-apocalyptic America. Carol's name may as well Ca-RULES, because she's the embodiment of all the laws and regulations Phil had escaped, the antithesis of what made him so much fun to watch. And I'm no woman, but if I were, I might be offended that The Last Man on Earth's only female representative is a joyless stickler for rules and grammar, even when it's quite obvious that those things don't matter anymore (and don't even get me started on her pretentious pronunciation of to-MAH-to). The introduction of Carol doesn't kill the show; Schaal is great, and the concept of filtering societal norms through the eyes of two very different people has promise. But it takes my gut reaction to The Last Man on Earth down a notch, from "CALL ALL YOUR FRIENDS AND TELL THEM TO WATCH THIS" to "Yeah, it's a pretty good time." The series is definitely worth a look, and I'm still eager to see what it does next, especially if it takes the original premise to new levels (what happens when the inevitable second woman is introduced?). However, I can't help but wonder what it could have been. THE LAST NOTES ON EARTH – "It's a $10,000 bottle of wine, by the way. It goes great with the Spaghetti-Os." – When Phil was asking his ball friends if they wanted whiskey and he said, "Terrence? Trent? Darby?" I almost died. – If Phil is 41 in 2020, would he really be singing the Ghostbusters theme? – That was Alexandra Daddario as Phil's fantasy girl. You might remember her from THAT scene on True Detective. – "I swim in it, I drink out of it, there's really no wrong way to use a margarita pool." Margarita pools RULE.

  • "Jihadi John" was once suicidal, e-mails suggest

    Infamous ISIS extremist Mohammed Emwazi, blamed for taking so many lives, apparently once considered taking his own

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  • Kerry says Putin 'misinterprets' U.S. efforts in Ukraine

    U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry said on Monday that Russian President Vladimir Putin misinterpreted a lot of what Washington was doing and trying to do in Ukraine. "We are trying to uphold international law with respect to the sovereignty and integrity of another nation," Kerry told a news conference in Geneva. "I think President Putin misinterprets a great deal of what the United States has been doing and is trying to do.

  • Yahoo! celebrates 20th anniversary (35 photos)

    It's been 20 years since two Stanford University electrical engineering students created a small website that would become the tech giant Yahoo! Company founders Jerry Yang and David Filo debuted "Jerry and David's Guide to the World Wide Web" in January 1994. In its first iteration, the site was a directory other pages on the web, organized in a hierarchy. It was not the massive searchable index of online destinations that the Yahoo! search engine is today. The site grew faster than the pair expected. They renamed it Yahoo!, an acronym for, "Yet Another Hierarchical Officious Oracle," and on March 2, 1995 it was incorporated. As we celebrate 20 years of purple and yodeling (the company's iconic audio trademark), here's a look back at key moments in Yahoo!'s history. (Yahoo News) Find more news related pictures on our photo galleries page and follow us on Tumblr.

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  • Shia LaBeouf and His Braided Rattail DGAF About Your Man Bun

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    Shia LaBeouf took to an escalator this weekend on a mission to make one thing clear: He DGAF about many, many things. But most of all, he DGAF about your perfectly unkept man bun and/or dreamy ombre waves. He expressed this sentiment via a single, eight inch braided rattail. Any questions about the tuft were asked to speak to his eyebrow piercing.

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  • Prices for Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 edge leaked

    Samsung said many things about its newest devices during its official Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 edge event on Sunday in Barcelona, but the company conveniently forgot to mention how much the two devices will cost once they launch on April 10th. However, SamMobile, a publication that has provided many details about the handset before it was official, has found out European pricing for the two devices — and yes, you can expect both of them to be quite expensive when purchased for full price. FROM EARLIER: Samsung Galaxy S6 edge hands-on: We finally found the Galaxy we’ve been looking for The Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 edge will be available in three storage versions each, including 32GB, 64GB and 128GB, and,

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  • 3 REITs That Should Continue To Boost Dividends

    It’s the dividend increases - even more than current earnings projections (or Funds from Operations for REITs) – that provide the best possible forward-looking indicators of growth and total return prospects.

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