• Kidnapped teen was gang-raped, killed and fed to gators

    A teenager who vanished from Myrtle Beach, SC, in 2009 was repeatedly raped in a gang “stash house” for several days — then she was shot dead and fed to alligators when her disappearance generated too much media attention, the FBI said last week. The shocking new details about the mysterious disappearance of 17-year-old Rochester, NY, native Brittanee Drexel came largely from a “jailhouse confession” that was subsequently substantiated by others with “tidbits” and “secondhand information,” FBI Agent Gerrick Munoz testified in a federal court transcript obtained by the Post and Courier of Charleston. The inmate who gave the alleged bombshell confession, Taquan Brown, is serving a 25-year sentence for voluntary manslaughter in a different case. Brown told authorities he was present during the final agonizing moments of Drexel’s life, Munoz said.

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  • A letter to my breadwinner husband

    My dearest Bill, The other day, around 3:00pm on a random Wednesday, I was headed to the grocery store to get something to make for dinner. As you know, I’ve been slacking on the food front for some time and can’t seem to get organized the way I used to. Remember when I would go through our cookbooks every Sunday and plan the meals for the week, and then shop once for the entire week? I know, I know, I always made a second trip; but still, the bulk of the food was in the fridge. I did that for more than a decade, but it was such a monotonous task I can’t bring myself to keep up with it. So now I play ‘catch as catch can’ and, as you like to say, shop like a French woman who goes to the store

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  • Mariska Hargitay reportedly freaks out on 'Law & Order: SVU' set

    Mariska Hargitay lost it on the NYC set of “Law & Order: SVU” last week. “They were shooting on Ninth Avenue, and she was yelling, ‘Did you get that?’ to a crew member. The guy responded, ‘No,’ and she went apes - - t,” a spy said. “She was saying, ‘When I do these, you have to make sure you get this.’ She was in a full NYPD police vest and was running down the street out of nowhere yelling at this guy.” A source close to the show, however, told us, “It’s her on-set shtick. This is her joking around with the camera guys . . . They’ve been working together for 18 years.”

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  • Woman catches Mississippi's longest alligator on record

    PORT GIBSON, Miss. -- A Vicksburg woman has caught Mississippi’s longest alligator on record from public waters. Tiffany Wienke tells The Clarion-Ledger that she and her party of six hunters could tell from the gator’s head that they had spotted a big one Saturday night in Claiborne County, near Port Gibson. “There were a ton of people and we tried to get away from them,” she told The Clarion-Ledger. “We were just trolling through the water scanning bank to bank.”   Wienke says the gator managed to break both lines after a long struggle, but the hunters were able to hook the reptile again after it surfaced about 20 minutes later. In total, it took the hunters nearly two hours to secure the gator,

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  • More than 300 reindeer killed by lightning in Norway

    More than 300 wild reindeer have been killed by lightning in southern Norway, officials said Monday, in the largest such incident known to date. The 323 reindeer, including 70 young, were found on Friday by a gamekeeper on the Hardangervidda plateau, a national park where Europe's largest herd of some 10,000 wild reindeer roam freely. The animals stay close together in bad weather and these ones were hit by lightning," an official from the Norwegian Environment Agency, Kjartan Knutsen, told AFP.

  • One of Trump’s biggest lies is falling apart. So naturally, he’s blaming the media for it.

    THE MORNING PLUM: The Grand Trumpian Immigration Follies of 2016 are set to take another turn: Donald Trump has now announced that he will give a major speech (does any Trump speech fail to merit that label?) on the issue on Wednesday, in which he is expected to finally clarify his stance on mass deportations. Trump veep candidate Mike Pence promised yesterday that Trump would clarify it. But it is more likely that instead of clarifying his stance on mass deportations, Trump will instead try to shift the subject away from them entirely. That’s because Trump’s big lie about mass deportations — i.e., that he would carry them out swiftly and humanely, thus Making America Great Again — is falling

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  • Help! Marriott charged $250 for smoking in my room — but I don’t smoke

    Q: I need help fighting a case with Residence Inn by Marriott Phoenix, where I recently stayed. When I checked out, I saw a $250 charge on my credit card in addition to the $89 for the room. No one ever said anything about the charge. I called the front desk and they said it was a “smoking charge.” But I don’t smoke. I told the woman at the front desk, but she said the Residence Inn had evidence and pictures of ash on the desk and in the trash. They said I could dispute the charges with my bank but there’s nothing they could do for me and they refused to transfer me to a manager. I left a message for the manager but never received a call back. I feel like Residence Inn is trying to make some

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  • Darrell Ward, Star of "Ice Road Truckers," Dies at 52

    The star of the History Channel show died in a small plane crash Sunday.

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  • Amazon's plan to fight counterfeiters will cost legit sellers a ton

    Amazon is cracking down on counterfeiters by charging online merchants up to $1,500 to sell some of the most popular brands.

  • Candyman III: Day of the Dead

    The Candyman returns intent on making his descendent join him forever. After he frames her for the murders of her friends, she has nowhere else to turn.

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  • The Kaepernick Aftermath

    Colin Kaepernick’s decision to sit during the national anthem has ignited debate across the sport, and beyond. What’s next for the Niners QB? Plus much more on Tony Romo, Trevor Siemian and five impressive rookies

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  • This real Boeing 747 jumbo jet is for sale on eBay

    If you’re feeling impulsive but aren’t baller enough to bid $3.46 million for a meal with Warren Buffett, you can find plenty of affordable deals on eBay (EBAY). One of those includes an online auction for a Boeing 747 airframe that ends this Friday at 6 p.m. The retired Boeing (BA) 747-400 is listed for $900,000 with bids starting at $299,000.

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  • Street Style The Norway Way (33 photos)

    Diego Zuko snaps the style at Oslo Fashion Week . From Harper's BAZAAR

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  • Jennifer Garner pictured crying during tensed reunion with Ben Affleck – report

    Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck reportedly had a tensed reunion over the long weekend which reduced the Nine Lives actress to tears. A Mirror report claims that the actress appeared to wipe her tears and hide her sorrow by wearing sunglasses while the Oscar-winning actor appeared unhappy. Previously there were rumours that Garner is expecting a reunion with her estranged husband while the Batman v Superman actor wants to move on.

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  • Save or Splurge: Is an Expensive Haircut Worth It?

    Becky Worley compares a $55 haircut with a $500 one that comes complete with full pampering. Does the pricier experience translate to a better look?

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  • 30-Year-Old Man Volunteers For The First Human Head Transplant In The World

    Last year, famous Italian neuroscientist Dr. Sergio Canavero surprised the world when he decided to perform the first human head transplant in the world. He announced that this huge procedure will happen in December 2017. Canavero has recruited a head surgeon to lead this historical process. All of this may sound like something out of a science-fiction movie, but there is one man who is hoping that this operation will improve the quality of his life. A 30-year-old man from Russia, called Valery Spiridonov, is the first volunteer for the operation in the hope of living a normal life. Mr. Spiridonov is a computer scientist who suffers from very rare motor neuron disorder, better known as Werdnig-Hoffmann

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  • Burkini controversy puzzles Muslim women in N.J.

    CLIFTON, N.J. — Like most Jersey girls, Sara and Sondos Elnakib loved to go to the Shore. As observant Muslims, they covered up as much as possible, improvising with yoga pants and long-sleeve shirts. It was never ideal, so the advent of the burkini — generally covering all but face, hands and feet — was welcome as it provided modesty in a comfortable garment made of swimsuit material. “A lot of people think the burkini is a symbol of religiosity, but it isn’t,” said Sara Elnakib, daughter of a Paterson, N.J., imam. “I just want to go out to the beach and have fun.” North Jersey is home to one of the largest Muslim populations in the United States, and the controversy over the Islamic swimwear

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  • What the Hell Is Going on in Colorado?

    Out in Colorado, incumbent Democratic Senator Michael Bennet was supposed to be one of the more endangered Democratic incumbents this year. However, according to the latest Quinnipiac poll, the man is cruising by 16 points. There is a reason for this. That reason is named Darryl Glenn, and he's the latest indicator of how The Base that the Republicans have cultivated so tenderly over the past 40 years can guarantee equally a primary upset win and a general election blowout loss, especially in presidential election years. Now, though, to the list contained Sharron Angle and Christive O'Donnell, we can add the name of Darryl Glenn. In June, to the enormous credit of himself and his staff, Glenn,

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  • My Father Is a Sex Addict

    My earliest childhood memory is scaling the bookshelves of my father’s home office and accidentally discovering his shocking stash of hardcore porn magazines. It marked my first encounter with my father’s sexuality, but it would prove far from the last. Now, 30 years later, he (a once successful ...

  • EXCLUSIVE: Aly Raisman on Why Gabby Douglas Skipped the MTV VMAs: 'She Had an Allergic Reaction'

    Raisman, Laurie Hernandez, Simone Biles and Madison Kocian chatted with ET's Carly Steel before the awards show.

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