• Democratic Party tactics for 'dealing' with Black Lives Matter leaked by hacker

    An internal memo reportedly hacked from the personal computer of Nancy Pelosi, the top Democrat in the US House of Representatives, shows how officials were briefed on how to respond to the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement – including "tactics" on how to answer questions by activists. The Black Lives Matter movement was formed in 2012 following the death of Trayvon Martin and has been at the forefront of alleged US police brutality ever since – documenting and protesting the slew of killings including, most recently, those of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile.

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  • We Did Not See This HUGE News Coming From Chip and Joanna, but We Love It!

    Joanna and Chip Gaines of HGTV's Fixer Upper are conquering the world with their design know-how and Texas charm. The couple's Magnolia Homes brand is on a meteoric rise with the addition of — wait for it — its very own magazine. It was just announced that the power couple is teaming up with the Meredith Corporation, which publishes Martha Stewart Living and Better Homes and Gardens, to create a quarterly lifestyle magazine. The magazine will cover entertaining, gardening and outdoor living, family, food, holidays, and healthy living. The first issue, the Fall 2016 issue, will drop in October 2016 at a price of $7.99 and will feature the above image. "The magazine will help inspire readers to

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  • Women charged over $30 million drug smuggle; Instagrammed whole trip

    It was an Instagram-worthy trip that has ended badly for three Canadians in Australia. André Tamine, 63, Isabelle Lagacé, 28, and Melina Roberge, 22, all from Quebec, have been charged with importing a commercial quantity of cocaine, according to the Associated Press. 95 kilograms (200 lbs) were seized by the Australian Federal Police on a cruise ship docked in Sydney on Sunday. Worth A$31 million ($23 million), it's the largest ever seizure of narcotics carried by passengers of a cruise ship or airliner in the country. SEE ALSO: Deadhead imprisoned for selling LSD has life sentence reduced by Obama It could also land the trio with a maximum penalty of life imprisonment, ending a halcyon-looking

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  • Feds: Tucson killer seen in Philippines

    Meanwhile a world away from Tucson's south side in the eastern part of town Anthony Burroughs enjoyed a comfortable upbringing in a middle class family with two parents. Burroughs was a "wannabe," according to observers. The Filipino-American "passed himself off as being Hispanic," said Jen Rippey, a deputy U.S. Marshal who's been investigating the case for years. Burroughs was "enamored with the gangster life," Rippey said. He had a police record for theft and assaulting his girlfriend. "From what I understand he never treated her right. He had a temper and would hit her," she said. "Anthony also was well-known to always have a gun of some sort." The fight When these two men's paths crossed

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  • Survivors of the Aurora shooting have to pay at least $700,000 to theater chain

    After a settlement deal fell apart, four survivors of the 2012 Aurora movie theater shooting are left having to pay the Cinemark chain at least $700,000. The Los Angeles Times on Tuesday shared the story of a group of 41 plaintiffs, including survivors and relatives of victims, who were told by a federal judge overseeing their case against the owners of the Century Aurora 16 multiplex that they should settle, within 24 hours. As the judge explained, another group of survivors had filed a state lawsuit, and a jury decided Cinemark could not have foreseen the shooting, which left 12 dead and more than 70 injured during a showing of The Dark Knight Rises. Because of that, the judge said he would most likely also find the chain not liable for the shooting.

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  • The Moving Story Behind This Lunchroom Photo Will Bring You to Tears

    Leah Paske hasn't been in the "scary and hard" middle school grades for years, and understandably has forgotten most things about her experience aside from the one time she cried after a boy called her a name on the bus. But now that her son who has autism just started sixth grade, Paske has been feeling a bit of anxiety about middle school all over again. "Sometimes I'm grateful for his autism," Paske admitted in a post to Facebook. "That may sound like a terrible thing to say, but in some ways I think, I hope, it shields him. He doesn't seem to notice when people stare at him when he flaps his hands. He doesn't seem to notice that he doesn't get invited to birthday parties anymore. And he doesn't

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  • 'I Feel Bad For Whoever's Next'

    Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) heavyweight contender Travis Browne has a warning for all the female bantamweights who think the path to the 135-pound title is free and clear while ex-champion Ronda Rousey is on temporary hiatus. "Hapa" told ESPN that "Rowdy" is suffering no lasting effects from her violent knockout loss to Holly Holm last November, and once she's ready to step back inside the Octagon -- somewhere toward the earlier part of next year -- the first person fed to the Olympic judoka will be toast. Including her own upset loss, the women's bantamweight title changed hands three times over the past 10 months. Holm coughed up the strap when Miesha Tate strangled her into submission at UFC 196, a similar fate for "Cupcake" when she ran into Amanda Nunes last July.

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  • My father left his home to his kids — my stepmother sold it for $1 million

    He made his wishes clear, but his second wife had other ideas.

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  • Candyman III: Day of the Dead

    The Candyman returns intent on making his descendent join him forever. After he frames her for the murders of her friends, she has nowhere else to turn.

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  • Scientists find 3.7 billion-year-old fossil, oldest yet

    Scientists have found what they think is the oldest fossil on Earth, a remnant of life from 3.7 billion years ago when Earth’s skies were orange and its oceans green. In a newly melted part of Greenland, Australian scientists found the leftover structure from a community of microbes that lived on an ancient seafloor, according to a study in Wednesday’s journal Nature .

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  • Trolling for drugs in a California ‘Heroin Alley’

    OILDALE, Calif. — When doctors cut off her painkillers, Samantha Burton went through withdrawal. Experts say it can feel like an extreme case of the flu, but Burton found the experience far more punishing. Opioids “make your brain’s ability to create happy chemicals completely flaccid,” she said. “It wasn’t like I felt bad. I felt like I was going to die.” So Burton, a professional illustrator who grew up in nearby Bakersfield, joined a stealthy parade of middle-aged white women trolling for drugs in Oildale, a dusty little town in central California known for its bountiful oil fields, its Appalachian-grade poverty and an open-air market for illicit drugs dubbed “Heroin Alley.” A big increase

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  • Dramatic Video Shows Woman Rescuing Children From Burning Car

    Flames engulfed two vehicles at a gas station in Connecticut after a motorist crashed into one of the pumps.

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  • College official tells praying man to leave because it’s not a ‘free speech area’

    Kyra Palange was walking across Clemson’s campus last Thursday afternoon when she saw a man sitting in a folding chair, with an empty chair sitting next to him. The Clemson grad student walked closer to him and saw a sign on the empty chair that said “PRAYER,” according to the Young America’s Foundation. “I approached him and we sat down to pray for a few minutes,” Palange told Young America’s Foundation. “When we finished, a man from the university approached us and said he could not be praying there because it was not a ‘designated free speech area’ and presented the person who was praying with a form for the procedures for applying for ‘solicitation’ on campus. He told him he had to leave.”

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  • Young student is 'embarrased and harrased' by school for wearing leggings

    When Kimberly Jones got a text from her 11-year-old daughter, Bella, she was upset.  Not because her daughter was texting while at school, but because the Lansing, Kansas middle schooler was forced to swap her leggings for school sweatpants after being told her tunic was too short and a dress code violation.  Jones detailed the incident and the embarrassment her daughter felt in a Facebook post that has since gone viral.  SEE ALSO: Woman fights racist workplace dress code with cosplay "She texted me all upset sobbing that they told her not to call me and that she had to wear borrowed sweatpants all day," Jones posted on Facebook. "Their policy is that they are not allowed to change."  "She was

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  • After Being Stared Down by a Couple in Cracker Barrel, This Dad Received a Note About Parenting

    When Kevon Smith Sr. sat down for breakfast at Cracker Barrel with his son Kevon Jr. in Willoughby, OH, he had no idea he was going to make headlines just for being a good dad. Kevon noticed a couple staring and smiling at him and his 3-month-old son, and although he was confused, he just went on with the meal. "I noticed this older couple over in the corner," he said. "They kept smiling at me and I was looking at my son like, 'What is going on?'" But when Kevon left the restaurant, it all made sense, as he saw a note on his car from the couple praising his parenting along with cash to cover his breakfast. "Today your meal is on my wife and me," it read. "Enjoy that baby as long as God intends.

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  • Celebrities Wearing Things! (1202 photos)

    Everything your favorite celebs wore the month of August. From Cosmopolitan

  • Teddy Bridgewater's Gruesome Injury Was Reportedly So Bad He Nearly Lost His Leg

    Teddy Bridgewater suffered what sounded like an absolutely horrific leg injury in Vikings practice on Tuesday, and he’ll almost certainly be out for the entire season with a torn ACL and a dislocated knee. Source confirms tibiofemoral dislocation, ruptured ACL for Bridgewater. Tibiofemoral dislocation … basically, Bridgewater's femur (upper leg) went off the tibia (shin, lower leg.) Yeah.

  • New Feud Alert! Miley Cyrus & Adam Levine ‘At Each Other’s Throats’ Already On ’The Voice’

    NBC execs may have thought getting rid of Christina Aguilera from The Voice would solve all the drama, but the addition of Miley Cyrus has proved to be just as problematic with a behind-the-scenes feud with Adam Levine!

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  • The Math to Victory

    Nick Confessore and Matt Mackowiak join Chris Hayes to talk about the Democrats' chances of taking back the Senate in 2016.

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  • Democrats to GOP: Don't use internal memo hacked by Russians

    If Russian hackers who breached Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee computers wanted to jostle the left, they’ve certainly succeeded. Officials at the House Democratic campaign arm appear very worried that their negative assessments about their own candidates, which were hacked and released publicly by a group linked to Russian intelligence, will be used against them by Republicans. DCCC Chairman Ben Ray Luján, in a letter Monday to his counterpart, National Republican Campaign Committee Chairman Greg Walden, asked the Oregon Republican to bar all Republicans from using the DCCC internal memo with the damaging information in ads against Democrats. Story Continued Below Luján argued that

  • Prosecutors: After killing fiancee, man tells 10-year-old girl she must die too

    After shooting to death his fiancee, Terrance Meredith told his 10-year-old daughter he had to kill her too, according to prosecutors. But the girl managed to convince Meredith that she was on his side, then ran to a relative's home for help, prosecutors said. Meredith, 43, was charged Tuesday with first-degree murder in the death of the girl's mother, Otha M. Mooney. The shooting happened at 12:25 a.m. Monday in the 100 block of West 112th Place, where the couple lived. Meredith and Mooney had been arguing in the home as Meredith demanded the keys to a car, prosecutors said. A witness told police Meredith was armed with a knife during the argument and then later pointed a gun at Mooney, prosecutors

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