• Bobby Brown’s Wife Rushed To Hospital After Bobbi Kristina’s Funeral

    Musician Bobby Brown was faced with more heartache after he lay 22-year-old Bobbi Kristina to rest yesterday, with his wife, Alicia Etheredge, being rushed to hospital after suffering a seizure. According to TMZ reports, mere hours after saying goodbye to his daughter at her funeral, Bobby’s wife, who had given birth to their daughter Bodhi, earlier this month, had to be taken to hospital via ambulance as paramedics rushed to help her. Thankfully, Alicia was able to make a recovery and Bobby is expected to attend Bobbi Kristina’s burial in New Jersey tomorrow.

  • Eliza Dushku Got Kicked Out of Hotel Room to Make Way for One Direction

    When the boys of One Direction want their privacy, they apparently get their privacy, even if it means kicking other celebrities out of their hotel rooms just because 1D wants an entire floor for themselves. Actress Eliza Dushku took to Instagram on Friday to call out the band, alleging that she was forced to move out of a room she's been staying in for months while shooting on location. WATCH: One Direction Drops Surprise Single One Day After Zayn Malik's New Record Deal "Don't worry @OneDirection.. It was super chill movin outta my hotel room so u can have the ENTIRE FLOOR I've been staying on for 2 months," the actress wrote next to a photo of all her belongings crammed onto a small hotel luggage cart. "Took 2 hrs this Friday afternoon before work" The actress has been shooting in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania while working on the Cinemax series Banshee. It seems she had settled right in until One Direction came along and kicked her out. But Dushku didn't seem to take it too hard. The former Dollhouse actress later tweeted that she wasn't mad at the band, and that she also wasn't angry with the hotel for having her move rooms. Ha! I'm laughing, it's all good @onedirection. Assuming...: Tix or pix for my friends kid..?!! ��— Eliza Dushku (@elizadushku) August 1, 2015 And for the record, I absolutely love my #Pittsburgh #PA hotel & each & every staff member there. Was no fault. Recommendation coming soon:)— Eliza Dushku (@elizadushku) August 1, 2015 NEWS: 22 One Direction Fans Who Were Completely Devastated About Zayn Malik Quitting The 34-year-old actress isn't the only one whose sleep schedule might have been impacted by One Direction recently. Late Thursday night the bad ruined any chance their fans had of sleeping by surprising the world with the release of their new single "Drag Me Down." Check out the video below for more on the band's late-night impromptu release which caused Directioners across the world to flip out.

  • Dez Bryant takes swing at teammate during Cowboys training camp

    Dez Bryant was involved in an altercation with teammate Tyler Patmon at Dallas Cowboys training camp on Sunday, and took some swings at the cornerback. It seems from video that there was some rougher-than-usual coverage for this early in camp, which is obviously something Bryant would take exception to. Numerous videos are pouring out of Cowboys camp, but these help offer some context on how it began.

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  • Jose Bautista says he “lost a lot of respect for today”

    It's safe to say the Royals and Blue Jays won't be getting dinner with each other anytime soon.

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  • Valerie Harper Gives Fans Health Update Following Hospitalization

    Valerie Harper is recovering after she was hospitalized for an illness on Wednesday. The veteran actress took to her Facebook page Saturday to clarify that, contrary to reports, she is not in a coma and suggested her hospitalization was caused by medication that "didn't agree" with her: The 75-year-old, who has battled cancer, was...

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  • The 10 Best Stocks to Hold Forever

    Few people realize these stocks exist. But many of the richest, most successful investors have been cashing in on them for decades. Now you can too...

  • Deadbeat Ex-Billionaire Batista Daring Bondholders to Seize Ship

    Out in the Atlantic Ocean, 130 miles off the coast of Brazil, an oil ship the length of New York City’s Chrysler building is at the center of an escalating legal war. This battle pits the crude producer founded by Eike Batista, Brazil’s most notorious ex-billionaire, against bondholders who loaned another of his companies $500 million. The default hasn’t stopped the oil company, known as OGpar, from continuing to pump oil -- free of charge.

  • This Design Technique Will Make Any Home Look More Expensive (6 photos)

    Custom details can make the simplest of rooms more elegant. One especially easy and wallet-friendly custom upgrade is applied molding, sometimes called "picture boxing." This technique involves measuring and mounting molding directly to the walls, often in square or rectangular forms. The end result is at once simple and luxurious. Applied molding is a go-to trick for Scott McGillivray, host of Income Property on HGTV and real estate expert. He frequently uses the technique both on his show and in his own investment properties. "It's a perception of higher class," Scott says. Contemporary applied molding is, "a play off of traditional Victorian ideas, of grand chateaus that have expensive molding. That was a lot of work; the boards were hand-hewn or routered to fit the exact spaces." Thanks to developments with mass-produced fiberboard molding, that same historically classy look can be replicated for a reasonable price. Scott recommends getting adventurous with applied molding, as there really are no rules when it comes to customizing. Consider using molding above your bed, where a headboard might go, or paint molding a contrasting color from the wall to make certain spaces pop. Whatever you decide, the best part about applied molding is that most people can do it. Anyone with "basic carpentry skills" can perfect the technique when they follow Scott's six steps below.

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  • Forget McMuffins, McDonald’s Is Testing a ‘Gourmet Breakfast’ Menu

    While McDonald's franchises in the U.S. ready for the expansion of all-day breakfast, Australian customers are getting treated to an upgraded "gourmet breakfast" menu, reports The Daily Mail. Images of the new menu items — including corn fritters, a brioche bacon and egg roll, Belgian waffles, and a Café Breakfast Platter (sourdough toast, two pork sausages, scrambled eggs, wilted spinach, grilled tomatoes, hash browns, and tomato relish) — first surfaced on the online forum, Whirlpool.net.au, on July 27. According to Burger Business, the chain launched a limited all-day breakfast trial in the Illawarra region south of Sydney on July 2, that included only six items from the regular breakfast menu.

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  • No plane link to new debris in island hunt for MH370 clues

    Saint-André (France) (AFP) - A fevered hunt for more wreckage from missing flight MH370 on La Reunion island turned up no new clues Sunday as authorities said metallic debris found by locals did not come from an airplane. Locals on La Reunion island have been combing the shores since the wing part was found last Wednesday, handing over bits of what they believe to be wreckage to police. Malaysian Director General of Civil Aviation Azharuddin Abdul Rahman who is in France for the analysis of the wing part, told AFP one item "was actually from a domestic ladder.

  • Seattle CEO That Slashed His Own Pay Struggling to Make Ends Meet

    Tom Llamas reports the stories people have been buzzing about all week.

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  • Ashlee Simpson Ripped Her Baby Name from the Studio 54 Guest List

    Ashlee Simpson and new husband Evan Ross recently completed their first official duty as parents: naming a baby. Apparently inspired by things that happened at Studio 54 during the winter of 1979, they chose the name "Jagger Snow Ross." Nice work, you two. One rockstar last name just really isn't enough these days. @realevanross I love you #JaggerSnowRoss we love youA photo posted by @ashleesimpsonross on Jul 31, 2015 at 8:14pm PDT

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  • 'Fantastic 4': 'Awkward' Interview 

    The cast of "Fantastic Four" showed superhero restraint when confronted with insensitive questions during a recent interview. Kate Mara, Michael B. Jordan and Jamie Bell stopped by the Rock 100.5 morning show in Atlanta on July 30 to talk with hosts Southside Steve – real name Steven J. Rickman – and Jason Bailey. Things got off to a tense start when the DJs teased the actors about not having seen the movie yet, but the conversation took an even rougher turn when Bailey expressed confusion about Mara and Jordan's characters.

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  • This Hennessey F-150 from “Top Gear” Will Cost You $150,000

    It isn’t often that you can call up a car company and say, “Hello, I’d like to buy the exact car that was driven on the set of Top Gear.” However, this is one of those exceptions.  Texas tuning shop Hennessey Performance has offered up for sale a VelociRaptor Ford F-150, which starred in multiple

  • Build an Online Store

    Everything you need to build a successful online store included in 1 package. Try it Free, then, run your online business for under $20!

  • Windows 10 Vs Windows 8 Vs Windows 7: What's The Difference?

    Should you stick or upgrade? My guide to the biggest differences between Windows 10, Windows 8 and Windows 7.

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  • Photos: 'Worst house in Australia' (16 photos)

    A popular Australian news site calls this the "worst house in Australia." The real estate agent's own listing says, "There is no way to sugarcoat this." And yet this property in a Brisbane suburb has attracted an onslaught of interest -- despite the fact that there's no guarantee it can be torn down. Click here to read more about it on Yahoo Homes. Also on Yahoo Homes: • Bloomberg buys veddy British mansion amid rumors he'll run for London mayor (26 photos) • Can $1 rent save these towns? • House from Prince's 'Purple Rain' asks $110,000 (18 photos)

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  • Boeing revises "obsolete" performance assumptions

    ​A visitor to Boeing’s web site this week will be in for a shock: the listed seat-counts and range specifications for nearly all of the company’s models have changed, some dramatically.

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  • Jericho the Lion Is Alive Despite Reports

    He's alive! On the heels of revered lion Cecil being illegally hunted for sport, rumors started swirling that his "brother" Jericho had also met a similar untimely end. Jericho, however, is alive and well. WATCH: Hollywood Fights For Cecil the Lion Reports began coming in late Saturday that field researchers may have located the animal and found him in good health, and the Wildlife Conservation Research Unit in Zimbabwe confirmed on Sunday that no harm had come to Jericho. They even including photographic evidence in their blog post. Wild Conservation Research Unit The official statement from the WCRU explained that Jericho was spotted feeding on a giraffe kill with a lioness from his pride early Sunday morning. Jericho is a large male lion who has been monitored extensively in relation to a behavioral ecology study in the National Park and, technically, is not Cecil's brother. Rather, the two had formed a "co-operative coalition," which is fancy science talk for best bros. Original confirmation was also backed by statements from the Zimbabwe Conservation Task Force through their Facebook account, who explained that they received "three separate confirmed reports." On top of that good news, they also announced that Jericho had adopted Cecil's three cubs. The Zimbabwe Conservation Task Force were the people who initially announced that Jericho was dead, but they have since apologized and explained that it was "a case of mistaken identity.” WATCH: Salma Hayek and Sharon Osbourne Outraged Over Cecil the Lion Killing While this unfortunately doesn't bring Cecil back, it's still good news that Jericho is indeed safe. The world has been on high alert to after finding out that an American dentist, Dr. Walter J. Palmer, had killed the beloved 12-year-old lion Cecil, a favorite at Hwange National Park, for sport during a hunting trip to Zimbabwe. Cecil was a huge tourist draw and had been tracked for scientific research by Oxford University. Palmer sent out an apology to his patients, but that did little to stop an ensuing hell-storm of social media vengeance. "I had no idea that the lion I took was a known, local favorite, was collared and part of a study until the end of the hunt," Palmer wrote. "I relied on the expertise of my local professional guides to ensure a legal hunt." WATCH: Betty White and Bob Barker Call for Cecil the Lion's Killer to Be Punished Many celebrities expressed outrage after hearing about Cecil's death, but none were quite as outraged as actress Mia Farrow, who went as far as tweeting Palmer's home address. Additionally, protestors left angry letters and toy lions on the doorstep of his office. Earlier this week, late-night host Jimmy Kimmel couldn't hold back his emotions when talking about Cecil. Watch his reaction in the video below.

  • Amazing color photos of the Hindenburg Zeppelin show what luxury air travel was like 80 years ago

    Before the modern jumbo jet and its first class suites, the biggest and grandest thing in luxury air travel was the German Zeppelin Airship. Of all the massive Zeppelin's constructed, the most famous was the Hindenburg, which crashed in New Jersey in 1937. The Hindenburg was the first of two "Hindenburg" Class airships constructed by the Zeppelin Company.

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  • Pentagon May "Rethink" the F-35 Stealth Fighter. Doomsday for Lockheed Martin?

    Will a new Pentagon plan to buy fewer F-35s destroy Lockheed Martin's biggest business?

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  • Officials: Bus driver fell asleep in fatal I-95 crash

    The bus collided with a car driven by a man with his wife and grandchildren. The grandmother, 54-year-old Enid Ortiz, died on the scene.

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