• Prince's Death Investigation Has Taken a Grim Turn

    This week, as investigators look into Prince’s tragic death at the age of 57, new details have emerged that appear to paint a tragic picture. This news came shortly after a TMZ report claimed that Prince’s emergency landing days before his death was caused by a drug overdose. Today, the county sheriff investigating the death has asked for help from the Drug Enforcement Administration, as prescription painkillers were found in Prince’s possession when he died.

  • Missing Florida Teens Lost at Sea Were Spotted Multiple Times, Claims New Report

    A 128-page investigative report released by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission claims there were many leads following the disappearance of Florida teens Austin Stephanos and Perry Cohen. The 14-year-old residents of Tequesta "were spotted in distress on the day of their disappearance," according to the FWC findings as reported by CBS affiliate WPEC. The 19-foot Seacraft boat that Stephanos and Cohen were in was previously spotted near Daytona Beach, Florida, on July 26, two days after the boys went missing.

  • Kim Jong-Un Has A 'Pleasure Squad' Of Teenage Girls Who Follow Him Around The World

    Kim Jong-un has reportedly ordered a new ‘pleasure squad’ of teenage girls to serve his every whim. The North Korean leader originally stopped the practice – which has been employed in the country for decades – following the death of his father and predecessor, Kim Jong-il, in 2011. Toshimitsu Shigemura, a professor at Tokyo’s Waseda University and an authority on North Korean affairs, told The Telegraph, that at first Kim Jong-un stopped the practice because he didn’t trust the girls.

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  • In the third round the Patriots select ... a quarterback?

    Jacoby Brissett isn't the issue, but the team that picked him is worth noting. It's not like the Patriots aren't set at quarterback already.

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  • Scal: Once you get Jimmy Butler, you get... Kevin Durant

    Kyle Draper, A. Sherrod Blakely and Brian Scalabrine discuss the NBA free agency and how it may impact the Celtics.

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  • When It Comes to College Costs, Middle-Class Kids Are Still Screwed

    The study by researchers at Vanderbilt University, the University of Pennsylvania, and the Institute for Research in Higher Education found that since 2008, overall college affordability has fallen 45 states, owing in part to slashed state spending on higher education in the years during and since the Great Recession. As a result, low- and middle-income earners in certain states now must spend as much as 76 percent of their annual income to pay a student’s tuition and expenses at a four-year public school, according to the study, The 2016 College Affordability Diagnosis. Meanwhile, financial aid doesn’t go as far as it did before, access to it has tightened, and a working student would need to work so many hours to pay the bills—and probably is already facing pressure to support him or herself, or a family—that college would take a backseat to finding a job, the study says.

  • Superheroes Spotted On Set ... Looking Not-So-Superheroic (11 photos)

    Power Rangers fans got a fierce first look at Elizabeth Banks as Repulsa earlier this month. The actress is playing the movie’s green-hued villain, an evil alien bent on conquering the world. She certainly sounds scary — that is, until we caught a gander at some paparazzi photos from the Vancouver set this week that showed Banks looking less than dastardly. She’s not the first high-flying super-being to get dragged down to Earth. Click through to see some other famous heroes and baddies being caught out-of-character and out-of-context.

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  • 4 Games Free for Xbox Live Gold Subscribers in May 2016

    A whole new crop of free games becomes available starting May 1.

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  • Everything we know about the suicide at Apple’s headquarters this week

    This has been an incredibly difficult week for Apple . The company shed more than $40 billion in market capitalization on Tuesday evening following its fiscal first-quarter earnings report, which showed a much steeper decline than Wall Street was expecting in both profit and iPhone sales. Then, just one day later, tragedy struck Apple's Cupertino, California headquarters when one of the company's employees was found dead in a conference room on campus. The story is still unfolding two days later. DON'T MISS:  Completely change the look of your iPhone with round folder icons, no jailbreak needed The Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Office responded to a 9-1-1 call placed from Apple's Cupertino campus at approximately 8:35 a.m. PDT on Wednesday. According to a brief press conference later that morning, the call came from an Apple employee who said that there was a “person down” on campus. Upon responding, police found the body of a young male who was later confirmed to be an Apple employee. On Thursday evening, the Santa Clara County coroner’s office identified the deceased male as 25-year-old Edward Mackowiak, according to Reuters . A LinkedIn page that has now been deleted listed Mackowiak as a software engineer at Apple, and the company had earlier confirmed that he was an employee. A cause of death was then released on Friday morning. In a written statement, the Santa Clara County Sheriff's Office said: "The Medical Examiner determined the manner of death was suicide and the cause was a gunshot to the head." TMZ  had reported soon after the story broke on Wednesday morning that a gun was found by police near Mackowiak's body. “We are heartbroken by the tragic loss of a young and talented coworker,” an Apple spokesperson said on Thursday in a statement given  to Matt Keller , a reporter with local ABC affiliate ABC 7 . “Our thoughts and deepest sympathies go out to his family and friends, including the many people he worked with here at Apple. We are working to support them however we can in this difficult time.”

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  • 2016 Race Marked by Growing Political Divide

    Clashes occured outside a Donald Trump rally for the second day in a row in California, and the attacks between Trump and Hillary Clinton continued to heat up. Our expert panel break down what’s shaping up to be the most contentious Presidential election

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  • Woman Brutally Beaten On Train Says Passengers Just Watched It Happen

    Police are searching for two suspect in the brutal beating of a woman who was riding the train Thursday morning.

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  • Brooklyn Decker Is 'Livid' After Missing Flight to Breast Pump in the Bathroom

    The 'Grace and Frankie' star shared an unfortunate moment during her first night away from son Hank.

  • The only 6 things a modern gentleman should keep in his wallet

    You already know the dangers of carrying too large a wallet (and of keeping it in your back...

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  • Florida Teens Lost at Sea Sent Ominous Snapchat to Friends: 'We're F'd' – Inside Their Final Hours

    Two Florida teens who vanished while fishing together at sea last summer may have sent the message, “We’re f’d,” to friends on Snapchat as weather conditions turned bad. A trove of 128 pages of social media posts, investigative reports, cell phone tower records, interview notes and FBI emails released this week by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission paint the picture of an idyllic day on the water turned tragedy for two Tequesta teenagers and everyone who loved them. Documents filed by various investigators show that the boys, 14-year-old Perry Cohen and Austin Stephanos, woke up around 9 a.m. on the morning of July 24 at the home of Carly Black, Austin’s mother.

  • Drink Beer? Here Are the Calorie, Carb, and Protein Counts of America’s 10 Most Popular Brews (11 photos)

    We’ve taken the 10 best-selling beers in America and researched their calorie, carb, and protein content. Imbibe responsibly.

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  • Man Blocks Police Speed Camera With Car Boot, Heads To Pub

    A man has come up with an ingenius way of stopping a police speed camera from catching drivers in the act - parking his car behind it, and blocking it with his open boot. A nearby resident promptly posted the image on Imgur with the caption: “Someone just parked in front of a speed camera, lifted his boot so nobody could get caught speeding.

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  • Boeing 777X: Everything you need to know about the world's biggest passenger airliner

    You might have read the news recently about the giant new engine GE was testing for a new Boeing passenger jet billed for 2020 reputed to be the biggest in the world, but what exactly is in the hangar? Join IBTimes UK as we bring you everything you need to know about Boeing 777X, hailed as the biggest and most efficient twin-engine jet ever. Boeing is trying to build a family of huge passenger airliners – namely the Boeing 777-8 and the Boeing 777-9.

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  • Eagles Feed Cat To Chicks On Live Cam, Prove Nature Is Horrific

    Live footage of a bald eagle nest in the Hays neighborhood of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, took a disturbing turn for some viewers on Tuesday when it caught eagle parents feeding a cat to their chicks.Warning: The following footage could be disturbing for some viewers. The Audubon Society of Western Pennsylvania confirmed on Facebook...

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  • 7 Stretches That Can Help Build Muscle

    Building muscle is more than pounding protein shakes and doing squats. Stretching can help tremendously, as well. Here are the stretches you need.

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  • Bernie Sanders Outspending Other Candidates?

    Rachel Maddow speaks to Bernie Sanders’ wife and senior advisor Jane Sanders about the $166 million his campaign has spent so far and how he plans to revitalize the Democratic party.

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  • Sir Vivian Richards slams ICC, accuses them of bias towards the Indian cricket team

    Legendary West Indian batsman Sir Vivian Richards has slammed the International Cricket Council (ICC) for reprimanding the West Indies following their victory in the recently concluded T20 World Cup, while also accusing them showing partiality and bias towards India. Top West Indies cricketers like skipper Darren Sammy and Marlon Samuels were rebuked by the ICC at a recent meeting in Dubai for their behaviour post their win, which has not impressed the original master blaster. Richards said the world body has one rule for the Sammy-lead outfit and another one for the Indian cricket team.

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  • Austin Rivers Presser

    Austin Rivers speaks on his performance in the Clippers' Game 6 loss to the Blazers.