• Person With Asperger’s Who Made Viral Video With Service Dog Shot Dead by Police

    Danielle Jacobs, a 24-year-old woman with Asperger’s syndrome, was shot dead by police, who were responding to a suicide call at her residence in Mesa, Arizona on Thursday, reported ABC 15 Arizona. Last year Jacobs earned praise for sharing a YouTube video of herself being comforted by her dog, Samson, during a meltdown. Millions viewed the clip.

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  • Johnny Depp Admits He Wasn't Always Nice to Leonardo DiCaprio

    Depp, 52, shared stories of working with DiCaprio on 1993's What's Eating Gilbert Grape during the 31st annual Santa Barbara International Film Festival Thursday, where he was presented with the Maltin Modern Master Award for his accomplishments in the film industry. While on stage, Depp admitted that when making the film, he was going through a rough time and wasn't always very receptive to a young DiCaprio.

  • NFL: 5 Potential Future Landing Spots for Matthew Stafford

    With Matthew Stafford's future with the Detroit Lions allegedly in doubt, here's a look at 5 potential landing spots for the QB in 2016.

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  • Former Ben Carson communications director: They gave Cruz a 'loaded pistol'

    Republican presidential candidate and retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson's former top campaign...

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  • Mysterious 'Error 53' is bricking iPhones, rendering them useless

    Thousands of iPhone users have been left with bricked devices after having their home buttons repaired by non-Apple authorized technicians. The Guardian on Friday reported on the issue, known as "Error 53" that apparently affects the iPhone 6, 6 Plus, 6S and 6S Plus. See also: Apple will finally let you cash in your broken iPhone The basic problem happens if you get your iPhone's home button repaired anywhere other than an Apple Store or Apple-authorized repair center. If the home button — which includes the Touch ID sensor — is replaced, you run the risk of getting a dreaded "Error 53" on your phone. What is Error 53? Well, it basically turns your iPhone into a brick. Why? Well it all ties into the Touch ID sensor on your phone. What's happening Each Touch ID sensor on the iPhone is paired with a specific iPhone, and it can't work with any other device. This is done to ensure the secure element of the chip, where Touch ID data is stored, can't be used with another piece of hardware. This way, you know that if your home button is installed on another phone, any of the information or keys potential tied to that button won't be accessible anyplace else. If you get your phone's home button repaired at an Apple Store or an authorized reapir shop, everything is fine. The problem occurs when an unauthorized repair center replaces a home button. At first, the phone might work — with everything, including Touch ID, seeming perfectly fine. But as soon as you go to update to a newer version of iOS (or you attempt to restore your phone from a backup), the software checks to make sure the Touch ID sensor matches the rest of the hardware. If it finds that there isn't a match, your phone is basically bricked. Apple has a whole page dedicated to Error 53 on its website. The solution: Go to the Apple Store and pay for a repair. Out-of-warranty iPhone repairs cost $200 or more, depending on what's being repaired — a potentially expensive proposition. In a statement to Mashable, Apple said: For your own good? On the one hand, verifying the connection between an iPhone and the secure element within Touch ID is very important. After all, if you're trusting your iPhone with your fingerprints and your banking information, you want to be sure that stuff is secure. And it's true that an unauthorized part could potentially undermine the Touch ID system. On the other hand, this is a problem that has to be immensely frustrating for anyone just trying to get a simple phone repair. Moreover, it's not just users who replace the home button that are running into Error 53. Plenty of users on Apple's support forums have mentioned that having a screen replaced (a very, very common off-market replacement) has triggered the hardware check and resulted in an Error 53 scenario. For most users, take this as a warning that if you do need to get your phone repaired, head to the Apple Store. The problem — as The Guardian points out — is that not every country has an Apple Store or an easily accessible Apple authorized repair center. That puts users in an uncomfortable situation if something does go wrong with their phone. BONUS: iPhone 6S review

  • Cramer: The stock market is not working

    After the U.S. economy created just 151,000 jobs in January, CNBC's Jim Cramer provides perspective on the health of stocks right now.

  • 12 Coconut-Oil-Infused Beauty Products Celebs Swear By (12 photos)

    Mindy Kaling swears by it as a hair mask , Emma Stone removes her makeup with it before bed, and Mandy Moore slathers it on like body oil after a shower. We’re talking about coconut oil, which is rich in fatty acids that help repair the skin barrier, hydrate hair, and strengthen nails. It’s no wonder all of Hollywood is obsessed with this ultimate beauty workhorse. Want to add the magic ingredient to your own beauty routine? Here are the beloved must-haves celebs are toting close at hand. Read This Next: The 4 Best Uses for Coconut Oil Let’s keep in touch! Follow Yahoo Health on Facebook , Twitter , Instagram , and Pinterest .

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  • Juvenile who ‘killed’ 5 months ago, kills again: Police took two days to suspect foul play

    It was stolen and she was killed for it,” said a senior police officer. A retired Military Engineering Services officer, Mithilesh spent her time visiting her daughters. While money and phones were missing from the house, the jewelry on the body was intact, said a police officer.

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  • This is the best Batman comic ever

    Conveniently, one of the best answers to this question is Gotham Knights #32, and it's the best single issue Batman story ever. Gotham Knights ran from 2000 to 2006, overlapping significantly with my favorite period in Batman books (from about 1998 to 2004) when the Batman editorial office's take on Gotham City was characterized by three things. The Batgirl and Robin of that time were both characters whose roles were primarily to work closely with Batman in inner-city Gotham, a bit different than how things are today, and the city was populated with a host of tertiary vigilantes like Spoiler and Huntress for our heroes to run into.

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  • Jeb Bush: "We need a proven leader"

    In an interview with Norah O'Donnell for "CBS This Morning," Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush discusses his "comeback plan" and his GOP opponents.

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  • New Jersey police investigating disturbing 'knockout game' punch posted on Facebook

    Police are investigating an apparent attack after a video was posted on social media.

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  • McDonald's Says Goodbye To Happy Meal Toys

    You won't believe what they're replacing them with.​

  • Endorsement: The Unseen Cobain Photos (10 photos)

    In 2008, Kurt Cobain’s vault was opened for one day so that renowned photographer Geoff Moore could shoot the late Nirvana frontman’s personal possessions for Charles R. Cross’s book Cobain Unseen . For the first time ever, Moore will show fine art images from this shoot at Los Angeles’s KM Fine Arts gallery in the exhibition “Endorsement: The Unseen Cobain Photos.” The title of the exhibit takes its name from a word scribbled on Cobain’s beloved Converse sneakers, which were photographed by Moore. Other striking images include Cobain’s broken guitar with handwritten lyrics, journals and final recordings, heart-shaped boxes, doll images, and Cobain’s stuffed monkey doll. “Endorsement: The Unseen Cobain Photos” runs at KM Fine Arts from Feb. 11 to March 26, but you can glimpse some of the rare and stunning images here.

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  • A 911 Call Sheds New Light On The Peyton Manning Doping Scandal

    After Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning learned he was going to be tied to a doping scandal in an upcoming investigation by Al Jazeera, his lawyers sent two private investigators to find the key source, Charlie Sly.Sly, who was secretly recorded by Al Jazeera, had made a slew of allegations, including some against Manning. Just...

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  • New Kia Sports Sedan is Expected to Aim for the BMW 3 Series

    Mention the words “sports sedan” and most would immediately think “BMW.” The BMW 3 Series has enjoyed widespread acclaim as the go-to pick for sports sedan drivers, though it appears Korean powerhouse Kia wants a slice of that pie as well.  According to a recent Reuters report, Kia has laid plans to launch its first […]

  • Spurs hand Mavs largest halftime deficit in 116-90 blowout

    A large San Antonio contingent in the Dallas crowd chanted ''go, Spurs, go'' during a timeout with the Mavericks on their way to the biggest halftime deficit in franchise history. Kawhi Leonard scored 16 of his 23 points in the first half and the Spurs cruised through the second half of a 116-90 blowout of the Mavericks on Friday night. LaMarcus Aldridge had 14 points and 10 rebounds in his first game in his hometown since signing a four-year, $80 million contract with the Spurs.

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  • 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' fell fall short of 'Avatar's' box office record. Here's why.

    Though "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" is a massive box-office hit by any measure, it's still a far cry from "Avatar's" worldwide gross of $2.7 billion. Here's why it fell short.

  • Here's Why Vince Carter Plans To Keep Playing Beyond This Season And Next

    Vince Carter isn't ready to call it a career quite yet.

  • USF at Cincinnati recap

    Cincinnati guard Troy Caupain scores 18 points and 10 assists to lead the Bearcats to a 88-57 victory over USF. Brent Stover and Bob Wenzel breakdown the game action.

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