• IT HAPPENED TO ME: I Dated a Guy Who Lived in a Trap House

    I was working at a hotel and in a torrid, heartbreaking (for me, at least) on-and-off relationship with a guy who was, in the words of Hannah Horvath, "someone who treats my heart like monkey meat." It consisted of nothing more than me driving an hour out of my way every weekend to have a ...

  • Indonesia executes 4 people convicted of drug crimes

    Indonesia executed four people convicted of drug crimes on Friday despite international protests and said it would decide later when as many as 10 others are put to death. One Indonesian and three Nigerians were executed by firing squad not long after midnight local time as torrential rains hit the Nusa Kambangan prison island where the death row inmates were held. The government had said earlier in the week that 14 people on death row, mostly foreigners, would be executed for drug crimes.

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  • You Have to See Mama June’s New Look

    The 36-year-old from 'Here Comes Honey Boo Boo' recently updated her Twitter account profile picture, posing and pouting at the camera.

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  • Demonstrators protest outside the DNC (43 photos)

    The tension between Bernie Sanders activists and Democratic Party brass set to crown Hillary Clinton their nominee lingered in pockets of Philadelphia as the final day of the convention dawned. Late Wednesday, hundreds of protesters gathered outside the convention site as Vice President Joe Biden, vice presidential nominee Tim Kaine and President Barack Obama spoke inside. There were two distinct groups of protesters; one peaceful, the other anti-government. At one point a protester’s clothes caught on fire while trying to stomp out the flames on a burning flag. The protester dropped to the ground and rolled around to put the fire out. Another tense moment arose when protesters knocked over part of a security fence, but police quickly moved in and put the fence back up. The Secret Service said seven people were arrested and will be charged with entering a restricted area. A group of peaceful protesters then sat on the ground and sang as the tension in the streets dropped back to normal. (AP) Follow our complete coverage of the Democratic National Convention here. See more news-related photo galleries and follow us on Yahoo News Photo Tumblr!

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  • Matt Damon on Donald Trump Possibly Being President: 'It Makes Me Nervous'

    "Jason Bourne" star Matt Damon has seen the global curiosity that Donald Trump's run for president of the United States has caused among everyday people. "As an American and one who goes abroad ... every customs agent around the world, when they see your passport, they ask about Trump," Damon exclusively told "Popcorn with Peter Travers" on Thursday. Damon said he always saw Trump as "very entertaining," but he never saw him in a presidential light.

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  • 5 Relationship Questions to Ask Before Getting Serious

    Relationships are beautiful and make simple things seem new. Are you thinking of taking things to the next level? Ask yourself these relationship questions.

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  • Reporter who added some swagger to the D.B. Cooper legacy comes clean

     Just two weeks after the FBI finally shut down its active investigation of the 45-year-old D.B. Cooper skyjacking case, James Long has come forward to confess his role. “I got the name wrong,” the former reporter said this week, admitting to a cardinal sin in journalism. But he decided to no longer remain quiet while another reporter who died 15 years ago took the blame for turning hijacker Dan Cooper into D.B. Cooper. Long can laugh about it today, and the other reporter died knowing he’d been credited for a scoop that night. The error didn’t hinder the investigation, since neither D.B. nor Dan Cooper was likely the skyjacker’s real name, authorities figured. But let the record show that it

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  • You've Got to Try This Genius Mason Jar Snack Hack

    Mason jars are handy for salads, but you can also use these versatile, naturally BPA-free containers for your on-the-go snacks. If you like eating two-ingredient snacks like veggies and hummus, here's a brilliant, inexpensive little hack to keep two ingredients separated, so you can avoid unappetizingly soggy snacks. All you need is a wide-mouth jar — either a half-pint or pint size — and one of those plastic containers diced fruit comes in. It stacks perfectly on top, stays sealed, and is great not only for hummus and veggie sticks, but also for fruit slices with nut butter, yogurt and granola, or chips and bean dip. When you're ready to eat, just unscrew the ring, and if the contents in the

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  • Kaine: Clinton and I 'Compañeros De Alma'

    Vice Presidential candidate Tim Kaine talks about the values he shares with Hillary Clinton.

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  • Toyota Supra and BMW Z5: Everything We Know

    The BMW Z4 has reached the end of its life cycle, which means it’s time for a replacement, and Toyota inexplicably forgot to conceive a successor to the iconic Supra when that model was discontinued a decade and a half ago. It’s good, then, that both of the automakers have teamed up on new sports cars—but they won’t exactly be Japanese or German. BMW and Toyota have remained admirably officially silent on the progress of their joint venture, but there have been looser lips at Austrian newspaper Kleine Zeitung, which has reported that both the Z4 replacement and the reborn Supra will be built by the Canadian-owned Magna Steyr operation near Graz. While information on the Supra is thin on the ground, we do know that the BMW carries a G29 internal code name and is slated to wear a Z5 badge.

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  • Iowa Teacher Sues School District for 'Allowing' Her Relationship With Underage Student

    "The View" co-hosts discuss the student-teacher relationship.

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  • Cousin of Slain Baton Rouge Cop Was Arrested for the Massacre

    ADDIS, Louisiana — On Sunday, July 17, Damarcus Alexander stopped at Walmart so his best friend could buy a white shirt for church.  They left Dallas, Texas at 4 a.m. bound for Belle Rose, Louisiana, a small town an hour south of Baton Rouge, so his friend could sing at a church. They entered the Walmart outside of Baton Rouge, they changed into their church clothes, and continued driving. They didn’t know it but someone had just called 911 describing two black men entering the store and changing clothes just after Gavin Long shot six law enforcement officers across the river. One of the three dead was Alexander’s cousin, Montrell Jackson. He was my big cuz,” Alexander said, adding their families

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  • Watch the Marine's F-35 test its gun pod for the first time

    Last week at the Naval Air Station at Patuxent River, Maryland, US Marines carried out the first successful test of the F-35B's GAU-22 gun pod, Business Insider has confirmed. Business Insider previously reported on the first test of the F-35A's integrated gun, but the gun pod, which will be used on the F-35B and C variants, is an entirely different animal. Instead of the integrated design of the Air Force's F-35A, the Marine Corps' F-35B and the Navy's F-35C will feature a 220 round, 25 mm gun in a modular pod. This means that the Navy and Marine variants, which launch from aircraft carriers or amphibious assault vessels, will have the option of excluding the gun to save weight and increase

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  • Iran threatens to close Strait of Hormuz if it faces military action from 'enemies'

    Iran is threatening again to close the Strait of Hormuz – a key Persian Gulf shipping route – “if the enemy makes a small mistake” and threatens the Islamic Republic, one of its generals boasted Tuesday. The oil shipping waterway has frequently been the subject of diplomatic clashes between Tehran and Washington. “If the enemy makes a small mistake, we will shut the Strait of Hormuz, kill their sedition in the bud and endanger the arrogant powers’ interests,” Iranian army’s Deputy Chief of Staff Brigadier General Ali Shadmani said, according to the Fars news agency. Iran has used the Persian Gulf as a test site for rocket launches, the Times of Israel reports. In January, Iran detained 10 American

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  • Margot Robbie’s pink jumper at this “Suicide Squad” Block Party is pure summertime

    Thaddaeus McAdams / GettySummertime is the time for easy fashion to beat the heat, and on Monday at the Wynwood Block Party…

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  • Hillary's America: New D'Souza Film Exposes Dems' Connection to the KKK

    Dinesh D'Souza has done it again. Hillary's America: The Secret History of the Democratic Party has already become the highest-grossing documentary of 2016, and hit number 10 among political documentaries overall. The film's powerful message may have spurred on its box office success. D'Souza delved into the history of the Democratic Party, revealing its connections with the Trail of Tears, the Klu Klux Klan, and the eugenics movement. His film declared that the Democratic Party is like a big gang, organized on a con to steal America. These are very controversial claims, but D'Souza backed them up well. History has indeed been far from kind to the issues for which the Democratic Party once stood:

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  • Adorable Baby Goat Thinks a German Shepherd is Her Mommy (VIDEO)

    Interspecies relationships are probably one of the most adorable things on the planet. When an animal of one species steps up to adopt a baby animal of another, our hearts absolutely melt. Make one of those animals a baby pygmy goat, and we are a puddle of emotion! When this family brought home a baby pygmy goat, their beautiful, white German shepherd, Shadow, stepped right up into the role of “mommy.” According to her family, Shadow treated the baby goat like it was one of her puppies. This baby goat doesn’t know any better. After all, they are both fuzzy, so why wouldn’t Shadow be her mommy? These two spend their days cuddling, and Shadow is a fan of giving her adorable goat-child lots of baths.

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  • You've Never Laughed This Hard About Thigh Gaps Before

    Meet Luisa Omielan and remember her name, because when you're feeling down about your jeans feeling a little snug or inhaling that entire batch of brownies you just baked, you'll want to watch this video over and over again. This London comedian preaching the truth about body image, Beyoncé, and thigh gaps is all too real — you'll totally relate. And the end is the absolute best part! Just note that there's a little language that's NSFW.

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  • Thinking About a New Radio in Your Silverado?

    Find audio and video equipment that fits your truck, get the expert advice you want, and enjoy free shipping most items. Only at Crutchfield.

  • Kaine: 'You Cannot Believe' Trump

    Vice Presidential candidate Tim Kaine criticizes Donald Trump at the DNC.

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