• Caretaker performed sexy dance on 100-year-old with dementia

    SANDUSKY, Ohio (AP) — A caretaker at an assisted living center who police say was filmed performing a sexually provocative dance on a 100-year-old resident was doing it as a prank and trying to make the man feel good, her attorney said.

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  • David Cassidy Opens Up About His ‘Beautiful’ Son — and Why He Doesn’t Have a Relationship with His Daughter

    After revealing that he has been battling dementia since 2015, David Cassidy is opening up about his complicated relationships with his two children – Beau and Katie. “I’ve never had a relationship with her,” Cassidy, 66, exclusively tells PEOPLE of his only daughter — who has appeared on Gossip Girl and Arrow. “I’m proud of her,” adds Cassidy.

  • 'Sinking like a rock': Trump's approval rating keeps plummeting

    President Donald Trump received his lowest approval rating since he took office, according to a...

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  • Bill Gates supposedly has long way to go to catch the real richest man in the world

    Coming in at around $86 billion, Bill Gates has ridden his Microsoft fortune straight to the top of the Forbes list of the world’s richest men. Then again, the business magazine doesn’t take into account ...

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  • James O’Keefe Threatens To Release ‘Hundreds Of Hours’ Of Leaked Newsroom Footage Soon

    Conservative provocateur James O’Keefe III said on Tuesday that he will soon release “hundreds of hours” of unaired footage secreted out of a major news organization. The footage could come as early as Thursday, he told Fox News host Sean Hannity during a radio interview. The footage was provided to him, O’Keefe said, by people inside the network. A Huffington Post reporter, who was also on the radio program, asked if O’Keefe had acquired the footage from camera or set crew members who would have access to it, but he declined to say. Networks record off-air interactions between hosts, reporters and guests, and a crew member sympathetic to O’Keefe’s cause could potentially access a lot of material.

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  • California Spillway Opens for First Time in 20 Years Amid Recent Storms

    Many braved fierce winds to take a look at a sight that hasn`t been seen since 1997 -- the opening of the Don Pedro reservoir spillway in Northern California.

  • TripAdvisor names travelers' picks for top beaches in the world

    Travel website TripAdvisor has released its 2017 Travelers' Choice award for the best beaches in the U.S. and around the world. TripAdvisor says that this beach is beautiful to visit year-round, and lists it as the top attraction in the Fernando de Noronha area of Brazil. From snorkeling to parasailing to private fishing trips, Grace Bay has plenty to do, and is listed as the No. 1 place to visit on the Providenciales island of the Turks and Caicos.

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  • Watch an Angry Voter Confront Mitch McConnell Over People Losing Their Health Care

    Another heated exchange, this time in Kentucky.

  • Op-Ed: We moved from New Jersey to a villa in Costa Rica and we only pay $400 a month

    The comfortable American dream doesn't compare to this paradise town in Costa Rica, writes Frederick Haywood.

  • Phil's in the House

    To exact his revenge on the Warriors, Phil the philanderer hides in The Warriors' house and turns the siblings against each other.

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  • Teen charged with lying about being raped by college football players

    Two college football players who were expelled last year after rape accusations have been cleared by police after authorities say their accuser recanted her story. Nikki Yovino, 18, of South Setauket, NY, has been charged with second-degree falsely reporting an incident and tampering with or fabricating physical evidence in connection to an incident at a Sacred Heart University football party in October, the Connecticut Post reports. When pressed about inconsistencies in her original statement, Yovino admitted that she made up the rape allegations against the two football players in hopes of gaining sympathy from another man – a prospective boyfriend, according to an arrest warrant affidavit. Police said Yovino told them on Oct. 15 at a hospital where they responded for sexual assault complaint that she attended a Sacred Heart football club party the night before at a house on Lakeside Drive in Bridgeport.

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  • Mom’s Heartbreaking Photo of 10-Year-Old Son Shows Painful Reality of Cancer

    Drake, 10, in a photo meant to provide a raw depiction of what life is like for a cancer patient. This photo of a bald 10-year-old boy wearing a diaper and leaning on the bathroom sink with a pained look on his face is quickly going viral on Facebook. “The picture I’m posting is from this morning,” Drake’s mother captioned the image of her son, who is currently undergoing chemotherapy for leukemia, “and before you scream and cry ‘Why would she post a picture of him in a pull up, the indecency’, well 1.

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  • Connecticut Dad Guilty of Murdering 7-Month-Old Son by Throwing Him off Bridge

    Tony Moreno, 23, faces 70 years in prison for the July 5, 2015, incident on a span linking Middletown and Portland over the Connecticut River, according to multiple reports. PEOPLE’s calls to his attorney, Norman A. Pattis, were not immediately returned, but after the verdict Pattis told reporters Moreno planned to appeal, adding, “I’m disappointed the jury did not credit what Mr. Moreno had to say,” according to the Hartford Courant. On the night Moreno killed his son Aaden by throwing him 90 feet down into the water, Moreno had testified that he was suicidal.

  • Indiana joins Idaho in claiming DHS tried to hack their election systems

    Indiana is the newest state to accuse DHS of trying to hack its state electoral system. The state’s IT team claimed that a DHS IP address repeatedly scanned Indiana’s system. The attempted hacks occurred tens of thousands of times over a period of 46 days, beginning while Vice President Mike Pence was still the governor of Indiana. “We know that between November 1 and December 16, we were scanned with about 14,800 scans, nearly 15,000 different times,” DHS Indiana Secretary of State Connie Lawson told The Daily Caller. Like Georgia, Indiana did not give DHS permission to scan. Thomas Vessely, IT director for the Indiana secretary of state, told TheDCNF that “we kindly declined [DHS] assistance

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  • 'Jeopardy!' Contestant Gets Away With Flipping Off America

    “Jeopardy!” just had its most hostile contestant since Sean Connery appeared on the “Saturday Night Live” version. During a “Jeopardy” College Championship match that aired Tuesday, host Alex Trebek thought he was asking contestant Viraj Mehta a simple question about pizza. This prompt would allow the Stanford student to launch into a hilarious anecdote, amusing the host and America. But the joke was on us ... What is ... he doing with that finger? It didn’t take long for Twitter to catch on. Was it intentional? As some on Twitter point out, Mehta held his finger out for about 7 seconds. If it’s not intentional, that guy is just asking for a finger cramp for no reason. The college student joins

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  • Obama deported 3 million immigrants during his presidency — here's how Trump's new immigration order compares

    Secretary of Homeland Security John Kelly issued new guidance on Tuesday outlining how his...

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  • ‘A Serbian Trap’: Freezing conditions in Belgrade are not the biggest problem for refugees in Belgrade (15 photos)

    Text and photography by Manu Brabo / MeMo BELGRADE, Serbia — A trip along the refugee track within Serbia reveals that the old route through the Balkans is still being used despite strong border control, harsh conditions and frozen temperatures. Near the center of Belgrade, hundreds of migrants and refugees, mainly from Pakistan and Afghanistan, live in tough conditions in abandoned warehouses and old factory buildings. Inside the buildings, the air is dense due to the smoke from the many fires lit to heat the space. Coughing can be heard at every corner like a constant soundtrack. Despite the existence of camps built by the Serbian state, the migrants are here trying to make their way into European Union countries illegally. So they cannot risk being identified and registered for fear that they will be sent back. This winter has been especially cold in the former Yugoslavian republic, and these below-zero temperatures have raised the prominence of this situation in the mainstream media. Once the frozen temperatures are gone, the images and stories of these people will disappear again. More pressing than the freezing conditions, they face the reality that the old Balkan route, the same path as the 2015 refugee wave, is now closed, and that the surveillance and control is stronger than ever. At an abandoned brick factory in Subotica where migrants gather and prepare for the border crossing, refugees talk about the severe beatings and abuses suffered by those who are caught attempting to cross into Hungary and Croatia. “I’ve tried 35 times in the last three months, and I’ve been beat up every single time,” a 24-year-old migrant from Pakistan says. A friend of his adds, “They throw the dogs on us, and they steal our shoes, so we have to come back here walking barefoot.” Still, every week dozens of refugees arrive in Serbia from Bulgaria and try to reach the neighboring EU countries. But very few make it. _____ See more news-related photo galleries and follow us on Yahoo News Photo Tumblr.  

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  • Amazon’s One-Day-Only, $8.62 Discount Is Too Good to Miss: Here Are 5 Things You Need to Buy Right Now

    Attention shoppers: Big things are happening on Amazon today. For one-day-only, the shopping site (which rarely offers discount codes) is giving customers $8.62 off any purchase of $50 or more with the code “BIGTHANKS” at checkout. It actually reflects Amazon’s record-high 86.27 ranking by the Harris Poll of Corporate Reputation. Which really just means it’s time to get your credit cards out!

  • This Was The Most Helpful Thing My Boss Did For Me When My Husband Died

    When my 26-year-old husband died suddenly from a heart attack, work was the last thing on my mind. Although I don’t recall exactly—those early days after my loss are a complete blur—I think my sister was the one who contacted my human resources office to inform them my husband had passed away and I wouldn’t be back in the office for a while. Fortunately, as I am a psychotherapist, my co-workers were familiar with helping people cope with grief and loss. And they responded in a helpful, supportive manner. The receptionists canceled my appointments for the rest of the month. They simply told my clients I’d had a family emergency. A couple of days later, my supervisor called me. She asked if it

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  • Working Grup

    The Warriors go to Grup's workplace and must resist the temptation to steal the sword that is Grup's job to protect.

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  • Slain California Teacher Seemingly Begs for Her Life in Suspected Killer’s Accidental Voicemail

    Jill Thomas Grant was found dead on a golf course in December 2013. Prosecutors have charged her boyfriend, Michael John Franco, with her murder. Franco allegedly cancelled the party, which prompted Grant’s brother to call police.

  • Infidelity: The Only Way a Relationship Can Work After an Affair

    Did your partner cheat on you? If you want to work on the relationship, a few ground rules must be set.

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