• 'Please Pray We Overcome This': Kanye West Claims He Is '$53 Million in Personal Debt'

    Kanye West made a reference to being "$53 million dollars in personal debt" on Saturday. Who Does Kanye West Need to Apologize to This Time? The string began with an apparent reference to the apostle Paul, and later appears to reference the gospel artist (and new West collaborator) Kirk Franklin.

  • Driver in crash that killed 5 had DUI incident hours earlier

    DAYTON, Ohio (AP) — The driver of a wrong-way car that killed five, including himself, in an Ohio interstate crash was jailed just over a day earlier on suspicion of drunken driving, records show.

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  • Donald Trump finally went too far for Republicans

    Donald Trump finally made some bold and provocative claims that were largely true, and the Republican Party finally closed ranks to attack him. Raising questions about Barack Obama's status as an American citizen didn't do it. Trump said that invading Iraq was a disaster, that the country was misled into invading Iraq by the Bush administration, and that the claim that Bush kept the country safe from terrorism is ridiculous because 9/11 happened on his watch.

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  • Shaq Threw Down This Monster Two Hand Dunk After Charles Barkley Called Him Out

    Charles Barkley bet that Shaq didn't have it in him to hit a two hand dunk at his age. This didn't end well.

  • Surprise! The U.S. Navy Has a New Ship-Killing Missile

    The Navy repurposes Raytheon's most advanced antiaircraft missile for surface warfare.

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  • Foreclosure crisis snarls Clinton, Sanders' efforts to reach Nevada voters

    Democratic presidential hopefuls Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton are flooding Nevada with volunteers ahead of this week's key nominating contest but they face a problem - the addresses, phone numbers and other personal data they need to reach many voters are out of date. Nevada, which is more than a quarter Latino, was one of the states worst affected by the 2008 financial meltdown, with hundreds of thousands of families unable to pay their mortgages and forced to move in a crisis that by some estimates hit minorities twice as hard as whites. Clinton is under pressure to keep her wide lead among Latinos, while Sanders must erode it to show he has a path to the nomination that does not rely mainly on the young white voters who make up the core of his support base.

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  • Victoria Beckham Exposes Her Ankles in NYC’s Single-Digit Temperatures (11 photos)

    Victoria Beckham may be wearing more flats these days , but that doesn’t mean the award-winning designer has retired her dizzyingly high heels for good. Beckham was spied out and about in NYC today, rocking an epic pair of platform booties that is giving us vertigo just looking at them. Her tailored grey separates offset the extreme footwear, making it look more appropriate for everyday – if your feet are up to the challenge. Earlier, she stepped out in a chic black fringed dress and pin-thin high heels to appear on Good Morning America and by now, we’re wondering how the woman is even still standing. This evening, Beckham will collect her Glamour Women of the Year Award, and we’re waiting with bated breath to see what the stylista turns up in. Follow us on Facebook , Instagram , and Pinterest for nonstop inspiration delivered fresh to your feed, every day.

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  • 6 High-Protein Breakfasts for Those Who Don’t Like Eggs

    These six recipes prove that eggs aren't the only way to fuel up on protein in the morning.

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  • Republican Debate Part 1: Replacing Scalia, national security

    As the 9th GOP debate gets underway, the candidates debate how to handle the death of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia and how each of them would respond to a national threat.

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  • Dowd Thinks Republicans 'Made a Mistake' in 'Initial Reaction' to Scalia's Passing

    The Powerhouse roundtable talks the political implications the Supreme Court Justice's passing has for both parties.

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  • Scalia's Death Brings Out the Worst in Opponents

    Rooting for a justice's removal is disrespectful to Supreme Court.

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  • Coco Austin Proudly Shares New Photos of Baby Chanel

    We can't get enough of the adorable newborn -- and either can her mama!

  • Melissa McCarthy on Saturday Night Live: The 5 Sketches You Need to See

    Melissa McCarthy hosted Saturday Night Live for the fourth time this week, reminding viewers just how much better the sketch series is when she's on it. Here are the must-see highlights of the episode: The Cold Open: When a group of Democrats go to brunch, they decide they're no longer voting for ... Read More > Other Links From TVGuide.com Saturday Night Live Melissa McCarthy Kanye West Cecily Strong Leslie Jones Kate McKinnon Darrell Hammond Bobby Moynihan Aidy Bryant Colin Jost This article, Melissa McCarthy on Saturday Night Live : The 5 Sketches You Need to See, originally appeared on TVGuide.com.

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  • Here's every trick the Windows Task Manager can pull off

    Ever wonder why your computer is slow? Or how much of your CPU, memory, and bandwidth a particular program is using? Task Manager is how you can find out, and also how you can close applications that are no longer responding. Geeks noticed the humble Task Manager got a critical update back in 2012 with the release of Windows 8, and while the latest iteration of Windows leaves that update more-or-less unchanged, that’s not a bad thing. This is a very complete utility. Related:  Windows 8 gets a new task manager and USB booting It can also be overwhelming, with an array of unexplained tabs. If you’ve yet to make yourself familar with this essential Windows tool, here’s an overview, starting with how to launch it. All screenshots are from Windows 10, but the information should broadly apply to Windows 8 users as well. How to launch the Windows Task Manager The easiest way to launch the Task Manager is to open the Start Menu and type the word “task.” Then, select the Task Manager from the list of installed applications. The second — and possibly fastest — way of launch the Task Manager is with a simple keyboard shortcut. Just press the  CTL , Shift , and ESC  keys at the same time to launch the program. However, if neither of the aforementioned methods work, you can launch the Task Manager using one of the best known keyboard shortcuts in Windows history: Ctrl , Alt , and Delete . Using this keystroke in Windows 7 and later will bring up a host of options, one of which will be to launch the Task Manager. Microsoft really wants you to have access to the Task Manager, so there are two more ways to access it. You can right-click an empty space in the task bar and select the Task Manager from the resulting list, or you can hit Windows and X to launch the Quick Link menu  (shown above), which allows you to access the Task Manager alongside several other system tools. How to close any struggling application The first time your launch the Task Manager, it’s going to be very simple. You’ll see a list showcasing all open applications, with an “End task” button in the bottom-right corner. If a non-responsive application is giving you trouble, select it from the list and click the End Task button. Windows will close the program immediately, if possible. Sometimes this is the only way to shut down a non-responsive application without having to restart your computer. This functionality alone makes the Task Manager an essential tool for any PC user, but is far from the only function. Processes: every program open, with more detail To dive in deeper, we need only click the More details button. This will bring up the Processes tab of the advanced Task Manager, which provides you with more information regarding the applications currently running. The first thing you’ll notice is that the advanced tab showcases far more applications than its simplified counterpart. This view allows you to see a summary of all current processes, including many that make up Windows and a number of sub-processes of current applications. You’ll also notice that it offers a breakdown of resource usage. CPU is how much of your processing power a given application is taking up, while Memory  relates to how much RAM a given program is utilizing. Disk shows you how much data a program is writing to the hard drive, measured in megabytes per second, while Network shows you how much data the program is using in the same way. Related : Eight problems with Windows 10, and how to fix them You can sort the current processes by resource usage. For example, click the CPU header to sort the list of current processes via CPU usage. If your computer is running slow, and your fans are running constantly, this is a great way to find out which application is causing that. It’s also a good way to spot applications that hog your memory and network. Longtime Windows power users might find this interface too simplified, though. If so, click  Details , which provides a lot more information and uses the application’s specific name. If there’s information you want but can’t see here, don’t worry, as you can customize this view to add and remove columns. Right-click the column header, then click Select columns . This is the power-user’s dream, and gives you a way to find out almost anything about your open applications. Enjoy. Performance: a summary of your computer’s resource usage Click the Performance tab and you’ll be presented with a real-time chart of your current CPU usage. Below the chart you’ll see a summary of your current usage, allowing you see how fast your processor is, how many processes you have open, and how long your computer has been running. You can click Memory , Disk , or Ethernet in the left panel to see a similar breakdown of your RAM, hard drive, and network usage. Resource Monitor: more details about what’s happening on your computer The Performance tab  offers a fair amount of detail, but if you want even more information, click Open Resource Monitor at the bottom of this tab. This will open an entirely new application, introduced back with Vista, that monitors your system resources in real-time and shows you which applications are using up which resources. This app duplicates a lot of the functionality offered in Task Manager, but is useful if you really want to isolate what’s using a particular resource. If you head to the memory section, for instance, you’ll see a nice chart breaking down your current memory usage, and have the opportunity to see which processes and services are using up your memory. Related:  How much RAM does your gaming PC need? Maybe just 4GB, according to new test Want more information about a particular process? Just right-click it, then select  Search Online . This will prompt a search for the process’ name in your default browser, providing you with access to more information. You can also right-click and hit End Process to close an application. App history: a record of your resource usage Heading back to the Task Manager , let’s take a look at the App history tab. This looks similar to the Processes tab we looked at earlier, but instead of real-time updates, you’ll see cumulative information. The screenshot above is of a relatively young Windows setup; longtime Windows setup will offer a lot more information. If you’re wondering which of your applications uses the most bandwidth, CPU power, or memory, this is a great resource to know about. Startup: what starts up when your computer does Related:  Is your system booting slowly? Here’s how to flush out clogged startup apps Do a bunch of applications start up every time your computer does? The Startup tab gives you a place to see every program that starts up at boot, and even stop applications from doing so. To stop an application from starting at boot, right-click it and select  Disable . This can make a big difference not only with startup times but with your overall resource usage — just make sure you don’t disable anything you need. If you’re unsure about an application, right-click it and select  Search online to get more information about it. Users: see who is running which programs Does more than one person use your computer? Do they all have separate accounts? The Users tab lets you see which users are running which applications, and how resource intensive those applications are. The Users  interface is identical to Processes , but the tasks are split into user groups. This pane can basically be ignored if you tend to stick to a single user account, but is essential if you think your child or sibling is hogging resources on the family machine. Services: things that run in the background The last tab offered is Services , which lists all of the processes that run in the background of your PC. Some of these come with the operating system, while others accompany software you install. These aren’t programs that you regularly interact with, but they’re running on your computer all the same. There’s a lot of information here, and it can be overwhelming, but if you’re curious about anything you can right-click it and select  Search online to find more information. An essential tool for every Windows user Related : Six built-in Windows tools you might not know about Learning to use the Task Manager is a must for anyone who wants full control of their PC. The above tutorial lets you know what every part of this application does, but to really master your system is going to take some experimentation. Monitor things closely, look up process names when you’re confused, and you’ll gain a much deeper understanding of how Windows works over time. Enjoy!

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  • BAFTAs 2016: All The Best Dressed Celebrities (21 photos)

    Tonight, everyone from Alicia Vikander to Rebel Wilson summoned their glam squads and shimmied into their finest designer frocks for the 2016 EE British Academy Film Awards, held at London’s Royal Opera House.  Which celeb’s outfit is your favourite? Tweet us at YahooStyleUK . 

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  • Scientists say this behavior can make men more attractive to women

    Scores of psychological studies suggest that, for guys, attractiveness isn't just about the way...

    Business Insider
  • The Science-Backed Fat-Burning, Muscle-Building Regimen

    Scientists have discovered the exercise and diet sweet spot for gaining muscle while simultaneously losing fat.

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  • Ghostbusters ‘Announcement’ Trailer Teases Epic Action

    Sony Pictures have made it official: we can expect the first full-length trailer for this year’s ‘Ghostbusters’ reboot on 3 March. To make sure we remember the date, they’ve released a 28-second ‘announcement’ teaser trailer. Then just as we think we’re about to glimpse either a ghost or our new Ghostbusters, we cut straight to the old iconic logo, and hear a few notes of the refrain from Ray Parker Jr’s classic theme song played out on a somewhat eerie (even ghostly) piano.

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  • Villanova edges out St. Johns

    The Wildcats only took a 1 point lead into halftime, but they expanded that lead with a strong 2nd half towalk away with a 73-63 win.

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