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  • How Holly Holm's upset win over Ronda Rousey has affected her teammates

    Holm's JacksonWink teammates are feeding off the new women's bantanweight champ, even if they haven't seen her since the big win.

    Yahoo Sports 45 mins ago
  • Kylie Jenner Explains Why She Likes Caitlyn Jenner More Than Bruce

    Kylie Jenner opened up about her relationship with Caitlyn Jenner on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show," and explained why she likes Caitlyn better than Bruce. "I'd like to talk about, if you don't mind, Caitlyn," DeGeneres said during an interview with the reality-TV star that aired today. "So your dad, who was Bruce, is now Caitlyn.

    Good Morning America
  • Patriots cut Chris Harper after costly muffed punt

    A muffed punt that turned the tide of the Patriots’ loss on Sunday night has cost Chris Harper his job. Tom Curran of CSNNE.com reports that Harper was cut today. The Patriots appeared to be in total control of the game early in the fourth quarter on Sunday night: They had a 21-7 lead and…

    ProFootball Talk on NBC Sports q
  • Employee accused of killing baby after giving birth in store

    LIVINGSTON, N.Y. (AP) — A young woman gave birth in a convenience store where she worked, killed the baby and dumped his body in a garbage bin outside, authorities said Monday.

    Associated Press
  • The Longest Celebrity Relationships (20 photos)

    It seems like this 2015 has been the year of mass break-ups and divorces. So let’s restore our faith in the L word by checking out the long-term loves of celebs who found their happy ever afters.

    Yahoo Celebrity UK
  • Putin’s New Missiles Dial Up the Tension with Turkey

    Kremlin-backed media on Monday reported that Russia’s Su-34 fighter-bombers operating in Syria were being armed with air-to-air missiles, for the first time since the Russian air force began operating there in September. Russian forces in Syria are operating against rebel groups trying to topple that country’s dictator, Bashar al-Assad, as well as against the terror group ISIS. Neither ISIS nor the rebels have the ability to put planes in the air that can threaten Russia’s advanced military aircraft, which leaves little doubt that the addition of air-to-air capability – announced in banner headlines across Russia’s various government-controlled media portals – was meant as a message to Turkey.

    The Fiscal Times
  • The Walking Dead Midseason Finale Review: Good Riddance, Alexandria

    The Walking Dead S06E08: "Start to Finish" Well, another half season of The Walking Dead came to an end and it was totally... not that great? For an episode that started off with a metaphor so very heavy-handed (we're all meat eaten by ants!), the rest of "Start to Finish" could barely lift its arms to throw a knockout punch that typically comes with a "finale," half-season or otherwise. The Walking Dead has whiffed on finales before, particularly when they didn't feel like finales at all but just another episode (Season 4's "A" stands out as the biggest offender), and that's pretty much what happened here. If the final scene of Rick and "his people" walking into a mob of walkers covered in zombie chum was enough to tide you over until February, then you must have some very interesting stuff going on in your life in December and January. And it wasn't even the fact that no one technically died (though if you're here looking for that answer, you can probably cross out Deanna as she got bit), it was that "Start to Finish" teased a big episode but never had the beginning-middle-end structure, something that should definitely be used before a show goes off the air for a few months. It just sort of ended, like if I started writing this sentence and then "Start to Finish" attempted to build up some big thematic loss of Alexandria as the zombies took over the streets, with characters murmuring stuff about what kind of place Alexandria could be (and WILL be, said the optimists). That's a noble pursuit as the loss of paradise is classic storytelling, but this ramshackle town full of idiots was never appropriately built into anything great, was it? Ever since Rick and his survivors showed up, it's been pretty crappy, actually. People murdered each other, zombies showed up by the thousands, and invaders scalped half of the town's redshirts. So while "Start to Finish" may have been all, "Oh, I'm going to miss this place," the real answer was, "Good riddance, Moronsville." And boy were the citizens of Moronsville living up to their name! A special shoutout to my man Ron for giving Spencer a go as Alexandria's dumbest. Following the mass immigration of zombie refugees into Alexandria, the survivors holed up in houses for safety. Apparently Ron thought that was the prefect time to take a shot at Carl for hitting on Enid and for having a dad who killed Ron's dad. He pointed a gun at Carl, they scuffled, and in the process let a bunch of zombies into the house. I get it, teenagers do stupid things. But an act of idiocy of this magnitude was less believable than the dead rising from the grave. Ron tried to shoot Carl during a zombie standoff because he was THAT jealous right then and there? What was he going to tell the others, a zombie shot Carl? Ron has been a problem all season long, present only to cause mayhem without any time spent on bolstering his motivation for mayhem. Give me a scene of him crying over his dad's death, or peeping in on Rick licking Jessie's face, or—to build up his psycho-ness—snapping the neck of a kitten. Otherwise, he just looks DUMB, and that's exactly how he came off. And did you hear the sound of about 15 million viewers slapping themselves in the forehead last night? That happened as Rick and the others covered themselves in zombie guts and snuck among the walkers to escape their prison in the anti-climactic final scene of 2015. But it wasn't the recycled idea of masking the human scent with putrid zombie innards that had people facepalming, it was Sam, Jessie's youngest and cowardest. The little frightened turd has been holed up in his room, listening to vinyl, playing with Legos, and enjoying room service this entire season, and three steps out of the house he ruined everything by calling out for mommy while pretending to be a zombie. Cut to black! Zombies don't call out for the moms, kid. I'm terrible with guessing the ages of kids, but I pegged him as around 12 or 13, which meant he shouldn't be this much of a wuss. If Season 6 was all about winnowing down who was worth saving and who wasn't because they're already dead, then "Start to Finish" once again proved Rick's point that most of these Alexandrians weren't worth saving. Except his hot piece of ass, of course. But Rick couldn't tell Jessie to leave her awful kids behind, and he got burned for it. Actually, a pep talk from Deanna supposedly convinced us that Rick had accepted that the Alexandrians were "his people" now and that he was a changed man, which is kind of a crock of shit because Rick wouldn't change his philosophy just because a dying woman told him how great he was. Do you remember how adamant Rick was about not saving people who were beyond saving? We've seen everyone learn a lesson about Rick's extreme rules of letting morons die, so maybe it was time for Rick to learn it again, too. The next lesson he needs to learn: even though Jessie gives it up, her kid baggage isn't with it. Ditch them all, Rick! But it wasn't just the Alexandrians operating on half a brain. In a very disappointing move, Carol, one of the show's more reasonable characters, decided that a zombie attack would be the perfect time to kill the member of the Wolves that Morgan had hidden in his basement. I've talked about how Morgan's no-kill ideals and how they clashed with the rest of the group's objectives has worked, mostly because of Lennie James and the Morgan-centric episode "Here's Not Here," but putting it front and center as Carol bum rushed the Wolf guy and Morgan had to stand between them while Carol threatened to kill Morgan just to get to the Wolf guy DURING A ZOMBIE ATTACK was drama for the sake of drama and a total rookie mistake. Carol, what were you doing? I've gone to the mat do declare how great you are, and here it seemed like you've been in Alexandria too long and contracted Stupiditis. "Start to Finish" had the setup to be a fantastic episode of The Walking Dead and a worthy midpoint to what's been a bumpy season. Had the episode explored Rick's conundrum about who to save, we'd be having a much more pleasant discussion. Instead, characters inexplicably acted like dunderheads because the writers thought that the endless flood of zombies into the safe zone wasn't enough to provide drama. That completely backfired, and what we were left with was a very disappointing mid-season finale that resolved nothing. FESTERING BITEMARKS – "Start to Finish" gave us very little from the rest of the group, and that's a byproduct of splitting everyone up. Maggie climbed into the watch tower and that was it for her. Glenn and Enid got into a squabble and climbed a tree. Spencer and Heath were completely absent, which was the only way that Spencer survived. Aaron was a no show, too. And for what? What did we see that was so important that we couldn't get updates on these characters? Deanna telling Michonne to find what she wants? Puh-lease. – Meanwhile, Abraham, Daryl, and Sasha got the odd two-minute prologue that appeared during the first commercial break of Into the Badlands . Here it is, if you didn't catch it before. – So Sam cried out like a little baby, but Judith didn't make a peep while tucked under a bed-sheet poncho covered in zombie guts? Sam, even a baby is showing you up! – I like how Rick ran upstairs to keep Judith from crying during the zombie attack and then found enough time to have a chat with Deanna while the zombies were still trying to break in downstairs. – Would you have slid your guns over to the Wolves guy like Tara and Rosita did, or would you have just shot him in the head like everyone has been doing to zombies since the show started? – Again, that Carol Morgan fight... UGH. Their bickering allowed the Wolves guy to escape and take Denise hostage. Why was everyone so dumb in this episode?

  • Ted Cruz Says Planned Parenthood Gunman Was "Transgender Leftist Activist"

    "He was registered as an independent and as a woman and a transgender leftist activist.”

  • Bugatti sells 100 $2.4 million Chirons, sight unseen

    What's crazier than buying a $2 million car? Buying a $2 million car you haven't seen pictures of, let alone test-driven. Bugatti fans are doing it.

  • Reese's Faces Sticky Situation Over Peanut Butter Tree

    Social media users haven't been kind to the chocolate maker's holiday offering.

    ABC News Videos
  • Brady on Gronkowski: 'He was in decent spirits'

    Tom Brady walked off the field back in 2008 after tearing his ACL. The same was the case with Dion Lewis when he endured a season-ending injury earlier this season. Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski was carted off the field in the fourth quarter of Sunday night's loss to the Broncos, but later he was seen walking through the tunnels of Mile High Stadium.

    Comcast SportsNet New England q
  • The Only 5 Exercises Your Fitness Routine Needs

    Barren gym? Not a lot of time? Here are five exercises that will give you a complete body workout, if you want to make sure you're covering all your bases.

    The Cheat Sheet q
  • Target’s Cyber Monday 2015 deals are live now, but you’ll have to act fast

    It was touch-and-go for a while there, but it looks like the vast majority of us made it through the Black Friday weekend unscathed. Unfortunately, there’s no time to celebrate, because many retailers have now kicked off Cyber Monday 2015 deals, some of which are scheduled to last for the rest of the week. Today, we’re going to take a closer look at some of Target’s best deals. MORE DEALS: Amazon’s big Cyber Monday 2015 sale is here: Everything you need to know Some of these deals are only available today, so be sure to act fast if you see something that interests you. Also, don’t forget to use coupon code CYBER15 for 15% off your order: New Nintendo 3DS XL —

    BGR News
  • America’s Scientists To House Science Committee: Go Away

    Seven major American scientific societies sent a letter to Rep. Lamar Smith (R-TX) on Tuesday, rebuking the congressman and defending a paper published in Science last year that Smith has been investigating in his role as chairman of the House Committee on Science, Space, and Technology.

    Huffington Post q
  • 50 Cent Still Hasn't Paid Any Money In Leaked Sex Tape Lawsuit

    50 currently owes her over $7 million.

  • Drunk Driver Crashes $4 Million Koenigsegg Supercar (5 photos)

    In what may set a record for the most expensive car crash in Chinese history—and rank among the most costly drunk-driving crashes worldwide–a 26-year-old man was being held by Chinese police after wrecking a rare Koenigsegg Agera R, with a value north of $4 million. According to the People’s Daily Online, the 1,140-hp Agera R ran into a sidewalk barrier just after midnight Sunday in the Yubei District of Chongqing. While the Agera R took the hit hard, it’s likely repairable given enough time and money, since it’s only one of six ever built, although any fixes will require shipping the wreckage back to Sweden.  Click through for more details on the crash.

    Yahoo Autos Staff
  • Everything just changed for China's currency

    The International Monetary Fund has officially designated the Chinese yuan a global reserve...

    Business Insider
  • Airline Employees Caught Playing 'Bag Toss' Game With Luggage

    If you’ve ever wondered what happens to your luggage after you check it, the answer might shock you.

    Brittany Jones-Cooper
  • Son Uses Parents As Makeshift Traffic Cones To Hold His Parking Space

    A businessman in China is using his parents as traffic cones so he doesn’t lose his parking space. The two elderly parents have been pictured sitting on the road in the city of Nanjing, the capital of Jiangsu Province, in the past week. The two pensioners sit on stools in the road to hold on to the parking space.

    Ross McG
  • Mysterious Primitive Submarine Found in Chicago River

    Don examines the validity of a baffling artifact found in the Chicago River.

    Scripps Ulive