• LeBron James acts like a complete doofus at the end of the third quarter

    What ..... what is LeBron doing here? Leave your guesses in the comments.

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  • 50 million gallons of water lost after California dam vandalized: newspaper

    Some 50 million gallons of water were lost after an act of vandalism damaged an inflatable dam near San Francisco, the local Oakland Tribune newspaper reported on Friday. The loss comes as the state is in its fourth year of a devastating drought that has prompted Governor Jerry Brown to impose the state's first-ever mandatory cutbacks in urban water use, up to 36 percent in some communities. Alameda County Water District officials told the newspaper that the agency reported the incident, which caused the water to run into the San Francisco Bay, to police around 11:30 a.m. on Thursday.

  • Mannix: Brady is at ‘pretty much rock bottom’

    Before the Deflategate controversy, Tom Brady was a pretty popular guy. Now the Patriots quarterback finds himself in the bottom 3% of the Marketing Arm Survey of consumer appeal. On Arbella Early Edition, Chris Mannix and Trenni Kusnierek discussed how long it may take Brady to rebuild his public image after it has taken a massive hit thanks to Deflategate.

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  • Mother pleads not guilty to assaulting child on plane

    HONOLULU (AP) — A mother pleaded not guilty Friday to charges that she physically and verbally assaulted her 15-month-old daughter during an Alaska Airlines flight from Anchorage, Alaska, to Honolulu.

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  • 3-Year-Old Girl Attacked by Coyote While Walking With Parents in Irvine

    A 3-year-old girl was attacked by a coyote while walking with her parents in Silverado Park in Irvine on Friday evening. The incident occurred around 5:50 p.m. near the intersection of Equinox and Silverado in Irvine, according to Farrah Emami with the Irvine Police Department. Girl suffered superficial wounds, and was treated at a local hospital and released. Officials were still searching the neighborhood for the coyote. Kacey Montoya reports for the KTLA 5 News at 10 on Friday, May 22, 2015.

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  • How an 8-minute surgery could completely fix your poor eyesight

    One of the things technology will most likely fix at some point down the road is poor eyesight. And it might happen sooner than we think, if Ocumetics Technology is successful with its Bionic Lens trials. DON’T MISS: This $11 quick charger from Amazon will charge your phone 75% faster (deal is back!) The company has developed something called the Ocumetics Bionic Lens, CBC News reports, a device that can be implanted into the eye and replace your natural lens to give you perfect vision. The tiny Bionic Lens, which looks like a tiny button, would be inserted into the eye during an eight-minute surgery where the patient’s sight would be corrected instantly. The device would be folded like a taco in

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  • Record-Breaking Energy Unleashed in Largest Atom Smasher

    The world's largest atom smasher is really cranking now: Protons zipped around the giant underground ring at near light-speed and collided head on, releasing record-breaking energies. The beauty of the fallout from these powerful particle smash-ups can be seen in images released yesterday (May 21) by the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN), which oversees the 17-mile-long (27 kilometers) Large Hadron Collider (LHC). This week during a test run, the protons sped into each other with energies of 13 tera-electronvolts (TeV), or double the collider's previous power.

  • The most important character in the DC Universe isn’t Batman or Superman — it’s The Flash

    This week on The CW, “The Flash” wrapped up a stellar first season, ending a string of...

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  • Supercharging your gaming PC

    The question is not "How fast do you want your PC to go?" No, the real question you have to ask yourself when it comes to upgrading a gaming PC is "How fast do you want to spend your money?"

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  • Hyundai Pickup Truck Could Soon Become a Reality

    The 2015 Detroit auto show displayed a number of takeaway concept cars, from the sweeping Buick Avenir to the striking Infiniti Q60, but perhaps none more memorable than Hyundai’s own Santa Cruz pickup truck. It came dressed with aggressive cuts and angles, a bend on catering to the urban millennial, and if you fancy one

  • Josh Duggar: '19 Kids and Counting' Pulled in Wake of Allegations

    "Effective immediately, TLC has pulled all episodes of 19 Kids and Counting currently from the air," said a statement from the network today. This comes one day after Josh Duggar responded to reports that he inappropriately touched minors several years ago. An In Touch story broke earlier this week that featured a 2006 police report from the Springdale Police Department in Arkansas, which investigated the matter.

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  • Ecocapsules are pint-sized solar and wind-powered micro homes

    Ecocapsule is a small, egg-shaped abode that could be the perfect home for someone who wants to let it all go like Elsa and live off the grid. Its roof is decked with 600W solar cells and a built-in 750W ...

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  • Blind Pooch Gets Help Moving Around From Two Loving Pups

    This dog can count on her furry friends to always have her back. Kiaya, an Akita from Waterford, Michigan, lost both her eyes by the end of last year due to a battle with glaucoma. But the 10-year-old pooch can still get around fine, all thanks to Cass and Keller -- two other dogs who help guide her, functioning much like seeing eye dogs. "Her...

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  • Dutch immigrant kids take to street demanding 'white' classmates

    Faced with an increasingly segregated education system, Dutch immigrant children have taken to the streets of their ethnically mixed Amsterdam neighbourhood seeking "white" pupils to attend their schools and help their integration.

  • What the resurfacing of Sidney Blumenthal says about Hillary Clinton

    As the New York Times first reported, Blumenthal sent Clinton a big batch of memos about the situation on the ground, many of which she forwarded to other State Department officials and many of which were deemed off-base by the agency's own experts. According to the Times, Blumenthal was, at the same time, advising associates who were trying to win business from the transitional Libyan government Clinton had helped install by pushing for a coalition war to oust Qadhafi.

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  • Why John Legend and Chrissy Teigen are the 'King and Queen' of Throwing a BBQ!

    Chrissy Teigen and John Legend are gearing up to throw a major Memorial Day bash -- and the 29-year-old super model is revealing why the duo is the ultimate party-throwing power couple! “John and I -- we like to think of ourselves as the king and queen of BBQ hosting,” Chrissy told ET. Getty Images “This weekend of course, Memorial Day weekend, we’re going to have a big BBQ because we don’t get to see our friends that often,” she added before revealing that she and John would be cooking up half of the meal themselves while the other half will be catered. RELATED:  27 Times Chrissy Teigen Was The Realest Celeb Ever “When you have that many people you just try to bring in as much help as you can get -- sometimes I take on too much. Last Thanksgiving I made 22 sides…. it took three days!” she exclaimed. “So, now I’ve learned to bring someone in for things like ribs... I’m a ‘sides’ girl,” Chrissy added. “John will make his mac and fried chicken… I will do my potato salad and I have an artichoke dip that I love to do. There’s going to be a ton of food.” Chrissy is the new spokes-celeb for Captain Morgan and added that she’ll be making a signature cocktail for her guests called the Shark Puncher. For those looking for some cocktail inspiration -- Chrissy assures us it’s super easy to make at home. (You can find Chrissy’s recipe at the bottom of the story.) “I can make an Ossobuco! But for me, shaking up a cocktail was always a little terrifying to me… I think everyone at our BBQ is going to be very impressed by it.” NEWS: Why Chrissy Teigen Is Anti-Photoshop Menu aside, what else makes a bash successful for John and Chrissy? “I’d say one of them is honestly to bring in some help and have some time with your friends,” she shared. “Start early and don’t do the ‘goodbye’ thing. if you ever been to one of my parties- I never say goodbye, I go - 'I have to go to the bathroom' and then I leave and don’t come back – it’s the sneak-away!” But most importantly she says it’s important for her and John, 36, to make time for one another no matter how busy they are entertaining their lucky guests. “I think paying attention to your significant other… John and I, we host these things, and we end up not really getting to speak to each other all night because were in all these different directions and I think it’s important if you’re a couple, to be a couple and host this together,” she said before adding, “and drink responsibly!” Chrissy’s Shark Punch Ingredients: (Serves 6) • 9 oz Captain Morgan Coconut Rum • 9 oz Orange Juice • 3 oz Ruby Red Grapefruit Juice • 6 oz Cranberry Juice Follow Katie on Twitter: @Katie_Krause

  • Before and after: Cindy Crawford's 1-year, triple-price home flip (60 photos)

    Eleven months ago, Cindy Crawford and her husband bought a dated rancher in Malibu, California, for $6 million. It wasn't a teardown -- but she's now asking $15,450,000. Click here to read more about it on Yahoo Homes. Also on Yahoo Homes: • Sean Penn's part-surfer-dude, part-psycho house for sale (17 photos) • Kevin Durant sells Miami penthouse for double what he paid (24 photos) • Michael Jordan takes yet another shot at selling half-price mansion (33 photos)

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  • Do I need to flip my pillow-top mattress?

    Q. I read your most recent mattress reviews with great interest. Some manufacturers put the pillow top only on one side and claim that the mattress doesn’t need flipping. Others put it on both sides and talk about flipping it. Who’s right?—Dave Thomas, Cincinnati

  • Best Dividend Stocks of the S&P 500

    While you wait--and wait--for the Federal Reserve to raise interest rates, you can collect generous checks by investing in dividend stocks. The consulting and technology services firm has exceeded analysts' revenue forecasts for four consecutive quarters, as businesses invest in technology and look for ways--with Accenture's help--to operate more efficiently.

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  • Celebs Soak Up the Sun at Hotel du Cap (11 photos)

    The annual Cannes Film Festival isn't all about film. For decades, the famous have frolicked in and around the pool at the luxurious Hotel du Cap-Eden-Roc in nearby Antibes, France. Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton chose it as the location for their honeymoon. Kate Moss was reportedly banned for trashing one of the pricey rooms. Today, A-listers shell out up to $12,000 per night, according to The Hollywood Reporter . The cost of the cabana is not included.

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