• Here's the extreme diet and fitness plan regular people used to look like underwear models in 30 days

    These people might look like underwear models, but they're not. And 30 days before this photo was...

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  • Khloe Kardashian's Tiger Cub Pic Causes Another Selfie Controversy

    Khloe Kardashian just can't catch a break! After getting slammed for posting a pic of her wearing a niqab face covering during her trip to Dubai, Khloe also came under fire on Thursday when she posted a selfie of her cuddling with a tiger cub. PHOTOS: Stars Pose With Their Pets The image caused some uproar among those fighting for animal rights who felt the pic promoted the captivity of wild creatures. "We're disappointed to see yet another celebrity posing with a wild animal," Silia Smith of World Animal Protection told Daily Mail. "Tiger cubs belong in the wild, with their mothers -- not in captivity for use as entertainment or photo props." Khloe posed for pics with an array of animals, including snaps with a stingray and an orangutan, but it was the cub photo that seemed to anger activists the most. "Not slamming Khloe at all. I love her and her ethics. I hate the practice of animal exploitation and tourism," one commenter said of the image. "This is just disgusting," another Instagram user wrote. "And I was so disappointed to see you wearing fur in the last [ Keeping Up with the Kardashians] episode. I knew it was all marketing that your were 'against it' but still sad about it." WATCH: New Keeping Up With The Kardashians Preview Shows Terrifying Car Crash Footage "I thought you were against it? All for a photo op?" another comments reads. "Disgusting... You should be ashamed!!!" Meanwhile, Khloe's estranged husband Lamar Odom sent out his first tweet in nearly a year on Thursday. Sharing some artwork of himself on Instagram, the M.I.A. basketball pro wrote: "Appreciate the love." How do you feel about Khloe posing with a tiger cub? For more on the 30-year-old reality star's other selfie controversy, check out this video:

  • The Worst Place to Propose to Your Girlfriend? A Wedding.

    With that in mind, the #1 rule at weddings that always abides, like female guest’s lives literally depended on it, is that they cannot wear a white dress. Only the bride can wear a white dress, because this is her day and everyone else is just there to celebrate her on the grand achievement in her life that is getting married. Like for example, telling a young man that proposing at someone else’s wedding is literally never, never-ever, ok.  Which is why the internet has totally lost its mind over this photo posted on Reddit yesterday, where a man proposes to his girlfriend right in front of a newlyweds’ table of honor. It is like seeing the birth of a supernova.  EMBED TWEET If you proposal at my wedding I will personal drag you out in my wedding dress.— Sassy Jazzy (@TheQueen0fSass) May 25, 2015 haahahahahahahaha LIVID!!!! Photo of wedding guest proposing goes viral http://t.co/tzAkJkf1n2 via @Femail— Jade Talbot (@fleethemouse_) May 28, 2015 @TheSunNewspaper that was outrageous insensitive in front of the bride and groom — Jacs ❤️⚡️⚡️❤️⚡️⚡️❤️ (@gladiatorjacs) May 28, 2015 There are so many amazing things going on in this picture, that I find it necessary to break it down in order to truly appreciate its beauty.

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  • 10 Backyard Wood Projects for Total Beginners (11 photos)

    It’s amazingly gratifying to roll up your sleeves and build a piece of wooden furniture. Not only does doing it yourself save you money, it forges an emotional attachment to the piece—you’ll want to hold on to it for years to come. To allow even wary woodworkers-to-be to enjoy this connection to their creations, we've scouted out 10 simple projects that can ease any beginner into the rewards of woodcraft. | By Caylin Harris, BobVila.com

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  • Chicago Bulls fire coach Tom Thibodeau after 5 seasons

    The Chicago Bulls fired Tom Thibodeau on Thursday, saying a change was needed from the strong-willed coach who took his team to the playoffs in each of his five seasons. Thibodeau went 255-139 with the Bulls, good for a .647 winning percentage that ranks seventh in NBA history among coaches with at least 200 games. Chicago advanced to the Eastern Conference finals that season, but it's the only time the Bulls have made it past the second round under Thibodeau, whose relationship with the front office was under constant scrutiny.

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  • Mercedes-Benz Credit Card

    5X points on Select Mercedes-Benz Purchases. Learn More!

  • Why a High Income Can Make It Harder to Save for Retirement

    Q: My employer’s 401(k) plan considers me a “highly compensated” employee and caps my contribution at a measly 5%. I know I am not saving enough for retirement. What are the best options to maximize my ...

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  • To see why Amtrak's losses mount, hop on the Empire Builder train

    By Ernest Scheyder ABOARD THE EMPIRE BUILDER (Reuters) - Its passengers are mostly silver-haired retirees, oil-field workers and a few young families gazing out the windows of Amtrak's least-profitable and third-longest line, rumbling from Chicago through eight states and on to the American West Coast. As the Empire Builder snakes along 2,230 miles (3,590 km) on a 46-hour journey, it offers insights into the financial problems plaguing America's passenger railroad at a time of intensifying scrutiny over its aging infrastructure and safety record. A coach ticket between Spokane, Washington and Williston, capital of North Dakota's oil boom, costs $111, much cheaper than flying.

  • Is Russia about to invade Ukraine?

    Russia is massing troops and hundreds of pieces of heavy military equipment, such as tanks and artillery, along Ukraine's border. The same day, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg told a think tank audience in Washington that Russia had deployed 250 aircraft and 700 pieces of heavy military equipment to the Ukrainian border as part of a military exercise. Is this the start of another Russian invasion of Ukraine?

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  • Mystery of holes in Swiss cheese cracked after a century

    Eureka! After about a century of research, Swiss scientists have finally cracked the mystery of the holes in Swiss cheese. Experts from Agroscope, a state centre for agricultural research, said the phenomenon -- which marks famous Swiss cheeses such as Emmental and Appenzell -- was caused by tiny bits of hay present in the milk and not bacteria as previously thought. "It's the disappearance of the traditional bucket" used during milking that caused the difference, said Agroscope spokesman Regis Nyffeler, adding that bits of hay fell into it and then eventually caused the holes.

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  • 6 Flourless Dessert Recipes No One Can Resist

    No flour, no problem. Check out these 6 recipes for flourless desserts that are irresistably rich and diet-accommodating.

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  • Man slapped with $120 ticket for using Apple Watch while driving

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    As Google Glass has demonstrated, wearable computers give law enforcement officials all sorts of new justifications for handing out tickets to potentially distracted drivers. CTV News reports that Quebec resident Jeffrey Macesin has been slapped with a $120 fine after police noticed him using his Apple Watch while driving. Apparently, Macesin was using his Apple Watch to change the music he was playing in his car when police decided to pull him over. FROM EARLIER: Tests claim HTC One M9’s camera is worse than three-year-old iPhone 4S, Galaxy S III Quebec’s highway safety code states that “no person may, while driving a road vehicle, use a hand-held device that includes a telephone function,” although Macesin is arguing that this shouldn’t apply to a

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  • America’s Most Obese States Tend to Have One Thing in Common

    If you’re wondering why some places are fatter than others, look no further than data on poverty from the U.S. Census Bureau. Nationally, the poverty rate is 15.4 percent, but nine of the 10 most obese states have rates above that. With poverty rates going up, Americans’ ability to afford fruits and veggies could be limited.

  • Flying Just Got Better: New Rules Hold Airlines Accountable

    The DOT is enforcing stricter policies to hold airlines accountable for their mistakes.

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  • Xbox Free Games With Gold of June for Xbox One and 360

    A game making its debut will be free, while Xbox 360 gets its usual two free games.

  • Police Make Example of Homeless Man Begging With $800 in Pockets

    A police department in Louisiana took issue of homelessness on their Facebook page last week in an unapologetic way, after arresting a homeless man who had $800 in cash stuffed in his pockets.

  • The Tax Man Is Watching Your Home From Above

    A growing trend among municipalities is to hire private aerial photography companies to take high resolution photos of local houses. Through analytic software, a small number of property tax assessors ...

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  • NC Teacher Allegedly Caught Threatening Students in Secret Recording

    A North Carolina elementary school teacher was apparently captured threatening students in a secret recording, parents say. Leona Cain says her son Sammy had been trying to tell her for months that his teacher at Alderman Road Elementary School in Fayetteville was verbally abusive, but she says she didn’t believe him until she sent her 10-year-old boy to school with a recording device and heard it herself. "I don't even like somebody to be behind me when I'm on the board, because I might get mad and pop the mess out of you and then it would be my fault because you were standing behind me," the teacher – who has not been identified – could be heard yelling on the recording, sections of which were obtained by ABC station WTVD in Durham.

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  • The 10 Best Stocks to Hold Forever

    Few people realize these stocks exist. But many of the richest, most successful investors have been cashing in on them for decades. Now you can too...

  • 7 Signs Your Child Needs to See a Therapist

    The stigma around mental health means that many children do not get the help that they so badly need.

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  • Games with Gold in June continues with three new free games ... and Pool Nation FX again

    Microsoft will continue this month's strategy for Games with Gold free games in June, delivering Xbox Live Gold subscribers three free games and an extension of another one, the company announced today. The billiards game launched April 1, and was available free throughout April as a Games with Gold title. Microsoft extended the promotion through May, and announced today that Pool Nation FX will continue to be available free from June 1-30.

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  • Chip Kelly makes another front office hire, adds to intrigue

    The makeover of the Eagles front office didn’t end when Chip Kelly got Howie Roseman kicked upstairs (and out of his football building). In fact, it was only beginning. Kelly has made a series of moves since then to restructure and restock his football operation, with some of the moves subtle and unannounced. According to…

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