• Kim Kardashian Strips Down to Cleavage-Baring Bikini on "Last Day" to Get Tan: Picture

    Kim Kardashian stripped down to a cleavage-baring bikini once again to catch a tan for the last time during her vacation in Mexico with Kanye West -- see the revealing picture

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  • Top Obama Aide Concerned by Impeachment Threats

    Dan Pfeiffer, a top aide to President Obama, said that the White House is taking the threat of a possible impeachment attempt by Republicans seriously.  “I think a lot of people in this town laugh that off,” Pfeiffer told reporters at a Christian Science Monitor breakfast. “I would not discount that possibility. I think Speaker Boehner, by going down the path of this lawsuit, has opened the door to Republicans possibly considering impeachment at some in the future.” Pfeiffer's comments come days after the House took steps to move forward with Speaker John Boehner's lawsuit against the President for his use of executive authority in delaying the Obamacare mandate.

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  • Interesting News on the Finger-Shoe Front

    I am a fan of Vibram Five Fingers running shoes, as I have made clear every so often. I was wearing my trusty Vibrams when I passed the "Haynesworth Test" four years ago. I've worn them as I ...

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  • Colorado River Groundwater Disappearing at 'Shocking' Rate

    As the Southwest's drought has worsened in the last decade, making surface water scarce, millions of people are drawing more heavily on underground water supplies. Between December 2004 and November 2013, more than 75 percent of the water lost in the Colorado River Basin was from groundwater, according to the study. The results show that groundwater is already being used to fill the gap between the demands of the region's millions of residents and farmers, and the available surface water supply, the researchers said. "We found a surprisingly high and long-term reliance on groundwater," study co-author Jay Famiglietti, senior water cycle scientist at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California, said in a statement.

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    Long Beach man shoots burglar who said she was pregnant

    A Long Beach man allegedly fatally shot a fleeing, unarmed burglar despite her telling him she was pregnant.

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  • 4 more awesome paid iPhone apps that are free right now

    Before the sun sets on another week, we have one last batch of paid iPhone and iPad apps to share with you that are currently on sale for free for a limited time. This has been a terrific week for thrifty app shoppers looking to save money on some awesome paid apps. Today, we have four more solid offerings to share, but you’d better hurry because these sales could end at any time. These are paid iPhone and iPad apps that have been made available for free for a limited time by their developers. There is no way to tell how long they will be free. These sales could end an hour from now or a week from now — obviously,

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  • 7 Signs a Dog Isn't for You

    Pretty much anyone with a dog will gush to you about how awesome he is. I mean, what's better than having a furry shadow who thinks you're the greatest thing in the world? So you think, Hey, maybe I should have a dog. Before you run out and get one, make sure you're prepared for the responsibility. Here are seven signs you shouldn't get a dog:

  • Doctors Bow In Reverence To Cancer Victim Who Donated Organs 'To Be A Great Kid'

    An 11-year-old's wish to give the gift of life to others came true on the last day of his life. The photograph below shows doctors bowing to Liang Yaoyi, a gifted student from Shenzhen, China, who died from a brain tumor in June. His mother can be seen crying in the background. Liang was diagnosed with the tumor at the age of 9, just after he...

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  • You’re Drooling: Mint 1968 Shelby GT500KR for Sale

    When a band comes out with a multi-platinum debut album, the challenge of topping the charts becomes an even loftier goal. The same can be said in the automotive world, but not of Carroll Shelby, no…he was quite good at turning-out repeat hits. The Shelby GT500KR was one of those smash hits. By 1968, the […]

  • Family feud sparks revolt at grocery store chain

    WEST BRIDGEWATER, Mass. (AP) — It's been called a David vs. Goliath story, a "Tale of Two Arthurs" and even the "ultimate Greek tragedy," but the characters in this drama are not Biblical or literary figures. They're grocery store owners.

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  • Joe Biden: I should have had a 'Republican kid to go out and make money'

    Vice President Joe Biden drew laughter from the audience at a National Urban League conference in Ohio this week when he lamented not having even one Republican child. "I should have had one Republican kid to go out and make money," Biden said. "You know, so when they put me in a home, I get a window with a view. You know what I mean?"

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  • Russian Newspaper Issues Front-Page Apology for Flight MH17

    Left-leaning Russian publication Novaya Gazeta Russia (New Gazette Russia) made it very clear how they felt about Russia's involvement in the MH17 disaster. The front page of today's paper boasted the bold headline: "Forgive Us, Netherlands" in Dutch, and in smaller letters underneath the same message in Russian.  People thought they were dolls and it was babies!" On the opposite side of the page, "Holland met the deceased in silence," with the photography description as, "Netherlands C-130 and Australian C-17 delivered from Ukraine the first forty coffins with remains of the victims of crash Malaysia Airlines." In this case, Novaya Gazeta more boldly calls it a "crash," though "shooting" still does not appear in any headlines.  This headline is as bold as the front page: "Russians will understand they may become outlaws." For many in the country who may not have access to international publications, Novaya Gazeta shows exactly how the rest of the world sees Russia in light of this tragedy and Kremlin's subsequent denial of any involvement. 

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  • Sofia Vergara & Joe Manganiello Confirm Romance With A Kiss In Miami

    Love is in the air. Sofia Vergara and Joe Manganiello packed on the PDA on Thursday, July 23, after arriving in Miami. The duo held hands and kissed as they waited to get picked up at the airport. On July 21, the couple went on a double date with Manganiello's brother and sister-in-law to the Lady Gaga concert at the Staples Center in Los...

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    Megan Fox Turns Up The Heat At Comic Con

    Megan Fox turned up the heat at Comic Con in San Diego wearing a sexy black ensemble. Also joining the actress were funny man Jack Black, hunky twilight star Kellan Lutz, 24's Kiefer Sutherland and the beautiful Jenna Dewan-Tatum.

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  • Putin igniting dangerous nationalist fervor says top US general

    Russian President Vladimir Putin's military intervention in Ukraine is fanning nationalist sentiments that could spread across the region with dangerous, unpredictable consequences, the US military's top officer said. General Martin Dempsey, the chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, said Putin was pursuing an "aggressive" agenda that flouts sovereignty and seeks to address alleged grievances harbored by Moscow since the demise of the Soviet Union. "If I have a fear about this, it's that Putin may actually light a fire that he loses control of," Dempsey said at a security conference in Aspen, Colorado. "There's a rising tide of nationalism in Europe right now that's been created in many ways by these Russian activities that I find to be quite dangerous," Dempsey said in remarks broadcast by the Pentagon.

  • It's About Time: Walmart Unexpectedly Fires U.S. CEO Bill Simon

    It is about time. Poor domestic results demand a change of management at Walmart. I anticipate another disappointing quarter and I believe the responsible party is at the top. Bill Simon, (54), an affable person, is no merchant. While he has learned the retail language and is a dynamic leader, [...]

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  • I Want to Break Up With My Girlfriend (& Her Credit Card Debt)

    A man and woman moved in together, and the man took on his girlfriend's debt. Now he wants to break up with her. Can he dump the debt, too?

  • 9 Little Things Your Husband Never Gets Sick of Hearing

    "Thank you." A study from the University of California showed that those who feel appreciated by their partners are also more appreciative of their partners-so it goes both ways. The next time your husband does something thoughtful, even if it's as tiny as remembering to put your wet beach towels in the wash instead of on the floor, say "thanks" instead of "Oh, good, you're learning!"

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  • Ben Affleck is a despondent Batman in new photo

    Unveiled for San Diego's Comic-Con, a new close-up shows the Dark Knight's bowed head and furrowed brow. After a few photos released on Twitter last spring, the new portrait is the latest look at "Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice," which is due in theaters in 2016. Visitors to Comic-Con can also take a look at the latest version of the Batman suit by costume designer Michael Wilkinson ("Watchmen," "Man of Steel"), which is on display at the event. Set against a black backdrop, the new image presents Ben Affleck's Batman as a particularly serious and somber version of the superhero.

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  • Alien Planet's Size Measured Like Never Before

    Using observations by NASA's Kepler and Spitzer space telescopes, researchers determined that the exoplanet Kepler-93b is 1.48 times the size of Earth, confirming its status as a super-Earth — a world slightly larger than our own — and allowing scientists to conclude that the planet is very likely composed of iron and rock. "With Kepler and Spitzer, we've captured the most precise measurement to date of an alien planet's size, which is critical for understanding these far-off worlds," lead author Sarah Ballard, of the University of Washington in Seattle, said in a statement. Ballard and her team used a new observing technique developed for Spitzer, combined with frequent observations from Kepler, to confirm that Kepler-93b is indeed a planet rather than a false positive. In the visible-light wavelengths observed by Kepler and the infrared wavelengths captured by Spitzer, the signal remained the same.